Sunday, September 14, 2008

For the Hailey lovers.

I have the Fresno State Bulldogs to thank. Because of their game, we got an overnight visit with Hailey, her dad Jason, and her Uncle Jordan. One call to her second cousin Elora (my granddaughter), and we soon had the girls together for a night of fun.
This video is for Chickie and Papa, Hailey's grandparents in Utah who are suffering major Hailey withdrawals. Thankfully they will get to see her in 2 weeks, but 2 weeks more of withdrawal is not easy.
Brock is asking the questions.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. This was so cute. I wish I lived closer so I could have seen her. I am glad she is doing well.

Rachel Reynolds said...

What wonderful pictures of the girls. It looks like they had such a great time together. Your blog is beautiful Jill!

lindsay lark said...

Thank you sooooooo much for posting this. It made my night to hear Hailey's little voice and see the pictures of her and Elora having so much fun together.

grandmapeg said...

Jill..the pictures of the girls are so cute and the video clip of Hailey is great!! I'm sure her grandparents will love it!! What a great idea you had with this!

Richard said...

Love the pictures! thanks a million and for taking such good care of the crew last weekend!!