Friday, September 12, 2008

A place in my heart

Someone sent this video to me yesterday, and it started up my emotions and reminiscing of the past. I don't even have a son on a mission right now, but I cried all through this video (below).

I admit it was difficult saying goodbye to each of my sons, at age 19, for 2 years. Yet, I truly did learn that "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven". They left as boys....and I said goodbye to their childhood (that was the hard part), and they came back as men.

I thought many, many times during all of their missions, that it was the sacrifices of other missionaries (and their families) who in 1955 brought the gospel to my parents. I was only a year old at the time. I have truly been blessed all of my life. It is scary in a way, because "where much is given, much is expected" and I have certainly been given much.

Here are some airport goodbye pictures of my sons, just as they were leaving on their missions. I have no airport pictures of my oldest son Brock because he chose to have his Dad drive him to the Missionary Training Center in Utah, rather than fly. I was thankful Brock chose to have his Dad take him because they were able to spend several days together that week.

Of course, his 3 younger brothers did not have this choice. Little did any of us know that would be the last time Brock would see his father in this life.

January 1996-1998

July 1998-2000

June 2003-2005

I guess I could have used this for Brock's picture, even though this is really McKay.
To me, the expression on my face, and my clenched hands, tells it all.

January 2005-2007

So don't forget to watch this video!


Jan said...

I have a son returning in 2 months. This song is officially on my mind all the time. You have lovely fond memories and pictures. I will let you know on the bed survey. Thanks for stopping by.

grandmapeg said...

I love this song and still get teary eyed every time I sing it, remembering each time we sang it at the MTC for our three sons. Little did you and I know how blessed we would be as the result of Brock and Ben becoming companions. Also, it was such fun to be able to have Logan stay with us the night before he entered the MTC with Nick. I felt like the mother of twins taking them both to the MTC at the same time. I also remember seeing him off at the airport in Salt Lake. What fun memories we have and what blessings we have received from having sons serve missions!

Susan said...

Dear Jill, That is such a powerful song. It brings tears AND the spirit, doesn't it? I only had one son and he did serve in Mexico. Two of my daughters served also, one in Chile and one in Italy. I love missionaries. Thanks for sharing. Love, Susan

Jill said...

You said it well Peggy. Amazing to think that we met because of our sons being companions 11 years ago...and you and I have emailed daily since then, not to mention our few visits back and forth. Incredible, unexpected blessing to this day.

The Gage Cage said...

I LOVE that song. What a tribute to you that ALL of your sons served a mission. I hope I can say the same someday.

tyler said...

Cool stuff. I like the pics. They bring back good memories. My two year mark of returning home is nearly upon me.

logan heasley said...

I love that song and I love the Tabernacle Choir singing it. It gave me goose bumps.


Rebecca said...

JIll, I don't know what it is, but your last few posts have just made me cry and cry. The interview with Amy when she saw the babies heartbeats, the pictures of your four handsome sons as missionaries, and now this last post of your yw girls. Oh my. But they are good tears, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love all of these pictures. You look less horrified by the time Tyler left. I guess a little more used to it?

Jill said...

Funny you should say that Karen, because I WAS less horrified by the time Tyler left. I finally realized that 1)they would be fine and 2) 2 years flies by.

Rebecca said...

Where did your boys serve their missions?

Sapp Family said...

I don't know how I will do it when Trevor is ready. He is my baby and always will be. I always ask him if he promises to stay with me forever and he tells me "Forever Mommy".