Saturday, September 20, 2008

A bed away from home

So we had about decided to purchase a Marriott bed. After calling their website we discovered the beds we usually sleep on at the Marriott are NOT the beds they sell. Only certain selected hotels have the beds they actually sell. So where might those hotels be?? The lady I spoke with said the Courtyard, just 8 miles from our house, does indeed have the bed we are interested in.

So last night, guess where we slept? Just 8 miles from our home. It was more like an extended date night. It's an odd feeling sleeping in a hotel in your own town. Shortly after we woke up we took a walk outside and it felt so "homey". Kind of forces us to view our town from a different angle. And Dennis is always lots of fun in a hotel room.

On our way there we discovered that my son Logan and his wife Amy were hungry so decided to come eat dinner with us. They met us at Black Angus, after we checked in to our hotel.

I asked Amy to stand up so we could see how much the twins have grown.
They said her flat tummy just popped out about 2 days ago.
She is 8 weeks and 5 days.

I told them no whispering at the table.
No, I really didn't say that.
They can whisper all the want.
They are so cute.

They were having a moment.

Happy Dennis, as always.

Oh, and the bed? Well it was just not as comfortable as the other beds we have slept in at their other Marriotts. One other option...Marriott also sells the same beds that are exclusively in their Renaissance Hotels. They only cost $50. more than the regular Marriott beds. I have never stayed in a Renaissance. I would love to hear about their beds from anyone who has stayed there.
Have you?

I meant to take a picture of the bed BEFORE we slept in it, but I forgot.
Sorry, but we are not very tidy sleepers.
We did some fun shopping this morning, made a really fast run to Whole Foods, and then, of course, got home in time for the noon game of BYU football.

Dennis likes to watch the game off his computer and the TV at the same time.
I don't understand why he would want to keep track of 2 screens at once, but he does.


Lisa said...

Very Endearing post & pics. Love it! When the search is on you'll find what you're looking for-I just know it!

Dad and Susan said...

How fun to sleep only 8 miles away from home. Seems like you're doing something naughty. Good luck on the bed quest. Love, Dad and Susan

Kris said...

My dad is always fun in a hotel room?!!! TMI Jill!!!! :) Too funny-I know that is not what you meant, but it was too good to pass up and not give you a bad time about. :)

Cute pics of Amy and Logan!


Brock said...

Kris.. You BEAT us to it! We were just standing here debating how to tastefully ask that question!!! hahahahahh I really think it was the picture of the bed that put it over the edge!

Brock and Erin

Kris said...

Brock and Erin! Let us remember that we will never let Jill live this one down!!!!! Love you, Jill!

Brock said...

I do think this is one of things that kinda becomes infamous!!!!!! We love you too Jill, but we still don't need to know.....

grandmapeg said...

Your children have said it all and I'm afraid that you will never live that one down! On the other hand, I'm happy for you that Dennis is lots of fun in the hotel room :))

Christiansens said...

Hey Jill, have you ever thought of adding memory foam to your current bed? I had a matress that you couldnt even jump on its so hard, and I bought a memory foam set for it, and now I am in LOVE with the bed!!! I never thought I could turn a rock hard mattress into such BLISS!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the memory foam. I think that is what my mom had on her bed and it was WONDERFUL.
Thanks Brock, Erin and Kris for commenting on the quote that Dennis is fun in a hotel room. I wanted so bad to say something but didn't quite know how to put it.
My image of Jill is now out the window. I guess you just never know about people.

Jill said...

Oh no, no, no that is not what I meant. And if I change it now, you will all just think I am trying to hide something. :)

Anonymous said...

Dont' worry Jill. We believe you. Did you mean that he doesn't like hotel rooms etc.

T said...

This may not go anywhere, but I am going to check into this source I have that sells all kinds of products to hotels, such as their bedding, mattresses, bathroom amenities, etc. I will at least look into it and see for you.

Jill said...

If you are going to do that Tina...would you mind checking to see if Goodnight Inn is on that list. They have great beds too but I have been told their beds are made only for their hotels and they will never tell me more than that. The Goodnight Inn I stayed at was not the greatest place to stay (they didn't even have a clock on the nightstand and their yards were weedy and dying) but their beds were so wonderfully comfortable.

kelly said...

I can't wait to see how big her belly gets! Those pics of them are sweet enough to frame.

kgogirl said...

Gosh, you make me want to buy a new bed just so that I can talk my husband into hotel hopping. This is one case where the means justifies the end, don't you think?

Jill said...

I so agree with you Kathy!!!!!!!!
Just don't tell Dennis :)