Thursday, September 12, 2013

They went to sleep angry

Maybe it was the excitement of the day, their over tiredness,
or the fact that I wasn't here to put them to bed,
but when I got home Tuesday night about 8:45, Dennis said the twins had just fallen asleep.
He put them to bed at 7:30 but he heard lots of: "He touched me!" "She took my pillow."
"He threw my pillow on the floor" "He put his leg in the way."
Very unusual for these two.

And I forgot to tell Dennis to turn Mister Rogers music on for them. It puts them to sleep every time.

I checked in on them and this is what I saw. Jonas clear over there by himself in the Pacific Ocean.
I've never seen them sleep so far apart. It made me sad.

A few hours later I went back to check on them again, and then I felt much better. 
These two can never stay mad for long, even in their sleep.

Their parents returned home last night, and Logan has written
their Havasupai glad-to-come-home-alive story,
so I will probably post that tomorrow.

And by the way, while the twins were here they requested
Dave's Killer Power Seed Bread at every meal! (I settled for 2 out of 3.)
They love it toasted with butter and creamed honey.
With 6 grams of both fiber and protein per slice, it's practically a meal in itself.
Costco carries it now!


Scrapally said...

I love your posts about the twins. They always warm my heart! can't wait to hear Logan's story...

Karen Mortensen said...

Those two are so cute.

Lisa said...

I thought YOU went to bed angry & was thinking..."How odd that Jill would post something I couldn't even imagine! : )"

They are ADORABLE & I love this post for so many reasons! You also have me curious about that bread!

Rebecca said...

so cute! They look like puppies all curled up! I love that bread too, thanks for telling me about it.

Anonymous said...

Are they back with their parents now? Maybe they were upset by the story of their parents mishaps?

Grandma Honey said...

Yes their parents returned Wed night. We didn't tell them about their parents' adventure. I think they missed me lying with them, rubbing their backs, and singing to them along with the Mister Rogers music. Dennis is wonderful, but it's not in his nature to be me!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a good bedtime ritual with the twins. Very sweet.

Anonymous said...

I always love posts and pictures about the twins too! I'm sure they did miss you and your calming influence....but I'm glad they got over their anger/irritation and it's cool that they seem to be so close..!