Saturday, September 28, 2013

A talk, a friend, a baby, and a chopped head.

Last Sunday we got to attend church in Kerman, and it was too good not to remember.
A very dear friend of mine there, Wendy Lane and her husband Warren
were leaving on a year mission to Crockett, Texas.

Their talks were amazing and I could have listen to them all day.
Here are some key points I want to remember:

*Warren quoted the Fresno Mission President by saying:
"Attitude and Effort are EVERYTHING."

*Wendy talked about how happy it made her feel when people would do things for her children.
She compared this to how Christ must feel when we serve one another.

* She also talked about how years ago she remembers this day when things
were not going well at home. She just needed to escape for awhile so she went
to see a lady in their ward who was going through lots of health issues and was homebound.
Wendy just sat and visited with her for awhile and she could feel the light coming back into herself.
She went home happy again. The power of service.

*Wendy also talked about a woman in her ward with terminal cancer.
She was not doing very well when she showed up at church one day with
baked goods she made for the Young Women's Bake Sale.
Wendy told her she shouldn't have done that and this woman said,
"I want to support the Young Women."
She was a team player and thought of others even in her great time of need.

* Love this quote from Wendy:
"LOVE is the greatest changing agent there is."

For some reason I never got a picture of Wendy and Warren....
but I did see a long time family friend who lives in Kerman now.....

Maxine Davies!
She was good friends especially with my Mom. So we had lots of reminiscing to do.
How Mom and Maxine use to work closely in our Primary organization clear back in 1965!
She said Mom was one of her dearest friends, and what she loved most about her was how practical she was.
Yep, that's a good way to describe Mom.

And this little baby sat in front of us. 
He reminded me so much of Jonas at that age, 
that I had to ask his parents if I could take a picture of him.

All I know is his name is Adam, and he has 3 sisters who all dressed themselves for church. 
That would have been quite the picture.
Love it when parents let their kids do that!

But then I also like it when toddlers cut their own hair!
Sort of like what this little girl did.....
but I would have just left it least for a week or a month or so.
I find it so endearing. Sort of like a toddler's rite of passage.


Richard said...

1965? Wasn't that the year you became Primary President? You had been such an effective gypsy fortune teller in 1964, that it was a natural progression. I remember Maxine's husband Lyle had a vending machine business. At the time I wondered how he considered that work to drive around and empty the coins out of the machines with all the candy you wanted in the back of the truck! It would be like going on a constant treasure hunt...that was the year I had a newspaper route, so I was very envious of Brother Davies and his exalted (in my mind) routine. The Davies lived on a diagonal residential street called Tollhouse, just SW of Ashlan and Millbrook, around the corner from the Calapp's home. On an aerial map of Fresno you can see that Tollhouse aligns with the diagonal Tollhouse in Clovis 10 miles away! Suzanne Marshall grew up in that neighborhood too...we used to home teach all 3 families.

Karen Mortensen said...

Lots of good stuff in here. I know Warren and Wendy. They were in my ward when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

That does look a bit like Jonas!
I, too, left my toddlers' self-haircuts alone for a while. Too cute!

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene~ I think you are I are the only ones who feel that way. Everyone else I know rushes in to fix those hair cuts.

Richard~ Then you can imagine how I felt that day when it was announced that Scott Davies was the new High Priest group assistant... I thought, really? Little Scotty Davies?

Anonymous said...

How great that you are able to visit difference wards and share inspiring talks,stories, and old friends. Yes, that baby does look like Jonas...

Ammy said...

Oh my goodness! I would have CRIED if Josey, OR Hannah would have cut their hair like that! I probably would have gone and had a professional fix it the best they could have. That is a big FEAR of mine, that one will cut their own hair. Hasn't happened ye, but I am knocking on wood, as we speak!

Grandma Honey said...

Ammy~ I think it must be different for mothers of daughters. Little boys hair grows right back. :)

grandmapeg said...

I could totally see our Savannah cutting her's or Piper's hair. That little girl's hair turned out cute though after the professional cut.

Sue said...

You are so right; that baby DOES look like Jonas did.
And I have to agree that the self-cut seems to be a rite of passage for little girls. I did it, and so did my daughter before me.


Grandma Honey said...

And it's not just for girls, Sue. I remember all 4 of my sons going through the give my self a hair cut phase. But I don't remember them cutting their brothers' hair, so the sharing part must be a girl thing.