Sunday, September 22, 2013

Homecoming night in Utah!

Our granddaughter Jessica....Homecoming dance.....

last night in Logan, Utah.

His name is Kendall. That's all I know.

These pictures came in during Sacrament meeting.
It was all I could do not to look at them.
Well okay, I did take a quick look.

I've studied them many times since I got home.
Those two are CUTE, I must say!

And that stunning golden princess dress....who made it?
Our Sweet Jessica. She's as sweet as she is pretty.

And Kris, not to change the subject, 
but what's the name of the chocolate brown paint on your walls?
I quite like it.


Karen Mortensen said...

Very nice. She is so pretty. Good job on her dress.

Anonymous said...

She made her own dress? I'm impressed!

Ammy said...

She is beautiful. Love her shoes.....wish i would have thought to do the same thing :). Smart girl!

Dennis said...

Grandpa's little girl is looking so grown up. Very nice.


grandmapeg said...

Beautiful dress and the fact that she made it herself is wonderful. I hope she enjoyed her special night.

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful girl. And I love that dress. Gold seems to be the color right now, it sure does look good on her!

Holly Decker said...


Lisa said...


Kris said...

Ahhhh thanks Jill. She is a sweetheart for sure. Looking at her that night made me all teary. She's growing up so fast! Just as FYI, she didn't make her dress. She did choose it, and even pay for it herself! :) Here's an interesting side note.... Kendall's dad and Mike were mission companions in Hungary just over 20 years ago! Isn't that crazy? I'm sure that they would have never believed that years down the road, they would meet up again and have children who have become the best of friends. Just amazing.

Kris said...

Oops almost forgot... Thank you for asking about the paint color in that room. I can't remember the name. I do love it though. It gives a little more formality to a room and is perfect as an accent wall.