Tuesday, September 24, 2013

She would have done anything for her.

We got to have the grandgirl sisters for several hours last Saturday.

Unfortunately Cami was feeling quite sick for the entire time they were here.

Elora would hardly leave her side. I continue to be in awe over her devotion.

When I first started taking the video Elora wasn't even aware. But either way,
it made no difference...she wanted to do whatever she could to comfort her hurting sister.


Saturday night Elora casually mentioned that Monday were the school elections
and she would find out if she made it for Student Body President.
As I watched her with her sisters, I thought to myself,
"If that school knows what's good for them, they will get Elora IN."
We found out yesterday she won!


Karen Mortensen said...

How sweet. Hope Cami is feeling better.

Logan and Amy said...

That was so precious! What a great big sister! She was so loving and concerned. I loved how she rubbed Cami's back. I hope Cami is feeling better!!!

Ronnell said...

What a Christ like heart Elora has Jill. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

Elora is such a gem. I've always thought so, ever since I was introduced to her on your blog. Thanks for sharing this sweet video.
I hope Cami is feeling better now.

Rebecca said...

Awwwwww, poor little sweetie does not feel good. And Elora......oh my what a wonderful sister for Cami to have. Not surprised she is the president of the school, she will do a great job.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet!! I know Elora will be a super president and I hope Cami feels better soon!

grandmapeg said...

What a sweet and caring big sister Elora is. This video clip brought tears to my eyes. And a big Congratulations to Elora on getting elected Studentbody President! Both Ben and Nick were studentbody presidents at our elementary school. It's fun for them.

Sue said...

You already know what I think about Elora.
And it appears the school agrees with me!

Congratulations, Elora!!