Monday, September 9, 2013

And to think I slept through all of this!

This morning as I was reading the newspaper Den brought his iphone to me
and said, "You aren't going to like this." 
Then he showed me this text that had just come in from Logan:

We have been refugees for the last 15 hours
Flash floods through the camp
We were emergency evacuated
Amy and I were some of the last out

Remember, they are up on their adventure in Havasupai in Arizona.
So then I started texting with Logan and I copied it here exactly as it happened.

Logan is in red, I am in blue.

So WHERE are you now
And does this mean you are coming home early?
Or does this mean you are not coming home at all?

We don't know yet when we will be home
We slept in the church

So are you safe now??

Amy and I almost got swept away but barely got out in time. It was crazy scary. 
Amy was crying and I have to cut brush out of the way to get out before 
the flood swallowed us
We r safe now

Thank goodness!!!

Is this a joke or did this really happen?

Don't worry
This is not a joke I'm being totally serious

Can I put this on blog?
So I don't understand where you are now?

You can put this on the blog but make sure you mention that there are many more pictures 
and details to come I will write a story for you that you can post on your blog
We are in the village which is 2 miles from the campground the campground is what flooded

So are you staying there tonight?

I don't know if we are staying the night here in the village or if we'll make it to our car today 
it all depends on how many helicopter rides they can get going today

Oh no
Is Amy ok now?

Amy is fine just a few blisters

Poor baby
I feel so bad for both of you.  Are you out of danger now?

And she said she is freaking sore

Of course she is 
You can only get out by helicopter?

That is our safest option. We can hike out but my hip is hurting and Amy has blisters 
and the trail is really bad that I had several dead horses on it from yesterday. 
There are also def trenches dugout from the flash floods in the trails. 
There are also people still on the trail that were able to make it 
the high ground but it was a close call some people almost got killed.

So how long before you get out of there??

we are totally safe now so there's no need to worry. 
Don't feel bad for us it has been a fun adventure to say the least.

Thank you for saying that.

Probably late today at best worst case scenario thursday. 
Amy and I are planning on doing something to take advantage of our time if we get out today. 
We will let you know what we plan on doing maybe vegas.
The flood was rising so fast we didn't have time to take our tent sleeping pad or tarp

You may be trapped there till Thursday? Did I read that right?
Yes get out of there and go have some fun.

Correct we might not get out of the village until thursday. 
But the people here running the helicopter seem to think that they can get us out today.

We will pray they can! Do you have food?

We have plenty of food more than enough. 
Plus there is a store here were we can buy whatever we need.

So happy you have food. How many others slept in the church with you?


Was it the same church you attended yesterday?
And how did you sleep with no blankets?

Yes it was the same church we went to on Sunday. 
We had our sleeping bags just not our pad so we slept on the severely hard floor. 

In a classroom? 

Chapel. It's very small.

So all 16 of you slept together in the chapel? Have you met some nice people?

Yep. Very nice.

So is it true that a crisis brings out the best in people?

Not really. But everyone has been great.

Oh :)  So are most about your age?


Did you need to help anyone with injuries?


So why were you and Amy some of the last to get out? With 7 children you should have been one of the first.

And then I lost them.


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness. Don't leave us hanging......this really is an adventure! So glad they are ok.

Anonymous said...

... talk about adventurous and challenging! Little did they know!
Remind me to tell you of the story of two of our sons trapped on a precarious ledge in Hawaii with floodwaters rising below them for 17 hours, fearing for their lives!

Grandma Honey said...

Rebecca.... They are still waiting to be rescued. I'm hoping they can get out of there today so they will have time to recuperate before coming home.

Darlene...Yes please do tell me that story. Curious which 2 sons, and how long ago was this?

Ann said...

Grandma Honey,great to hear they are safe.Can't they call?No line?Hope they have called you and you have the latest news.Takecare.

Grandma Honey said...

We heard they were air lifted, finally, several hours ago, but have not heard if they have landed yet. It is hard to get phone reception up there but they should be down lower now, so we can't figure out what is going on.

Karen Mortensen said...

Oh my gosh. What an adventure. Glad they are okay.

Richard said...

Grandpa was hoping they would plan an adventure....I want my kids to know this is not a competition:)

grandmapeg said...

I'm sure this wasn't the adventure that anybody was hoping for. I'm glad they are alright.

Yolanda said...

I know their grandfather wanted them to have an adventure but this is really pushing it!!!

Grandma Honey said...

Richard...I want the rest of my kids to know that too!

Ammy said...

Holy cow! I am anxious to find out what happened....

Lake Family said...

We met Logan and Amy in church that morning. We got to visit with them quite a lot after church, that night, and the next day waiting for the helicopters. The helicopters didn't run on Tuesday and Wednesday so we also were afraid we wouldn't get out until Thursday. We were one of the seven people that hiked out of the canyon. We loved meeting them both and are so glad to hear they are safe and sound.

Lisa said...

WOW. What a crazy story! Glad they're safe. You sure know how to get info! Looking forward to his story.

Logan and Amy said...

Lake family, glad to hear u made it out ok. We didn't know where u were that last day. Everyone was hoping u were able to get your stuff from the campgrounds. It was great meeting you and wish you the best. Thanks again for the church hookup.


Lake Family said...

Posted the story and slideshow on RSMPatch. We got all of our stuff flown out on the helicopters because we had orginally paid for the mules to do it. . Yipee!

Here's the link to the story.