Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dave's Killer Bread

Last week while grocery shopping at VONS I was telling Den about this bread my sister likes.
I said, "It's called Dave's Killer Bread." So he says, "Is that the bread made by that guy in prison?"
I didn't laugh. Not very funny Den. But then he finds the loaf and starts reading on the back....

Then I heard him say, "This is it! I heard about this bread!"
And he continues to read from the back of the loaf.
I told him I really don't want to buy bread made in prison.
He said it is not MADE in prison....but a guy came up with this idea while IN prison. Okay then.

We checked out the price. $3.99. Same price I pay for the regular bread he likes.

Here's the thing: 
It has 6 grams of good fiber (not that inulin stuff) per slice.
Also 6 grams of protein per slice.
Fruit juice sweetened.
500 mg of Omega-3s. 100% whole grain.
GMO free.

And like Killer Dave says on the package, "Killer taste and texture."

Den can't decide if it tastes better than his Oroweat Oatnut.
But since nutritionally it wins out, he wants to make the switch.
(I can't even try it since I've been gluten free since last October....but it looks SO good.)

There are a few different versions of this bread, but Robin says the Power Seed is the best one.
I've discovered that most stores don't carry it. Just VONS and WINCO in our area.
Since Dennis is 64, he can't remember who originally told him about this bread....McKenna perhaps?

I just don't get the whole Killer Dave name. It just doesn't seem like a good name for an ex con.

Has anyone else tried this bread? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I love the 21grain. It's delicious!! Even my two year old loves it!
My Costco also carries it... two loaves for $6.99.

Richard said...

We buy it at Costco and prefer the one in the yellow plastic wrapper. Being Costco, you have to buy 2 at a time, so we do that and freeze it. At the other end of the spectrum we buy Grandma Sycamores white bread between Costco trips. Very soft and fresh but not nearly as healthy...

Rebecca said...

Hum this sounds interesting! I wonder if they have it in Utah? I think they are using "killer" as in great. Sometimes I have heard it used that way. Weird I agree!

Grandma Honey said...

I just mean if I were an ex con I think I would keep away from the name Killer.

Had no idea it's at Costco. Good deal!

pebble said...

I buy this Killer bread too, I get it here in Utah at Costco. It freezes well and makes great toast and sandwiches. My other favorite toast is bread at Sam's Club called Oregon Trail Raisin Bread, it's fantastic, though more a guilty pleasure.

Grandma Honey said...

Hi Melinda! It looks like it would make the best toast ever! Like a meal in itself.

Richard said...

At Costco in Utah it's 75 cents a loaf so we only eat it on special occasions.

Anonymous said...

It's says killer bread, not killer Dave. Big difference. Never tried it, but I'll get some for Steve and see how he likes it. I support ex-cons who truly turn their lives around and do good things.

Grandma Honey said...

I do too Darlene....love stories where people can change and move on and do good. I just wouldn't want to eat anything actually made in a prison.

Karen Mortensen said...

I have heard about this. I will have to check our Costco.