Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home is the best place to be

We all checked out of our hotel rooms yesterday (Hooray !!) ....
but is it any wonder we went out to dinner again last night?

Not back to normal around here yet, 
but the last of the machines left last night. 
It'll be several weeks before we get the floors in, 
but that's okay.

The day was sunny and bright around here 
so we had "the boys" outside for awhile. 
It's so good to be home!
Rich and Grant
Best Buds

Richie has a thing for Aunt Amy. 

 Daddy Love

Look at our waitress last night!

Karen, Tyler and baby Richie fly home tomorrow.  :(((((

Okay, so we have a question. Both babies have colds right now. Probably simple colds, although it doesn't seem simple because they are not sleeping well at night because of the congestion. When I was raising my babies we were told to just give them a little Triaminc ....that cleared up their congestion enough so they could sleep. But of course now, all baby cold meds have been taken off the market. So what do Moms do now when their babies are congested and can't sleep? Just stay up all night with them? Vicks on the bottom of feet works really good for coughing....but can we use that on little babies' feet? Anyone out there have some advice?


Karen Mortensen said...

I am glad you are back in your house. Those babies are too cute. I would almost get on a plane and fly to Utah to see them again.

Anonymous said...

What an adventure.. your blog is a part of my day I enjoy. Kindly Jay

grandmapeg said...

Glad that you are home again! Oh my goodness...those are two very cute little grandsons that you have!! I many weeks apart are they because from the pictures, they look like they weigh about the same.

Eileen said...

It must feel so good to be home again in spite of the fact that it's not back to 'normal' yet. Sleeping in your own bed is the best!
I can't get over how much Grant and Richie look alike! I never really noticed until I saw them laying side by side like that. Both so adorable!

And, Jill, Vick's makes a Baby Rub (it's not exactly the same as regular Vick's Vapo but it helped Eóghan to sleep when he was so congested all week). I even added some to a warm bath for him and it really did seem to soothe him.
It's so hard when they are so little and they can't voice their needs and they look at you with this pleading look. I wonder what is going through their little heads (I imagine them saying, "Why aren't these people helping me?!") Poor babies.

LOVED the video of the waitress! I guess she just couldn't resist and I don't blame her!

Thanks for sharing this visit!
Love and Prayers,

Rebecca said...

Oh dear the house is stressing me out!
And, the babies look like twins on here.
And I have no idea what to do for sick babies these days, they change the rules too much from when my babies were small. We would rub their chest with Vicks. But I do not know if that is ok now. Also a bit of vaseline in their nose so they can breathe better. Enjoy them!!!

Rebecca said...

P.S. Jill, have you changed your email. All my private emails to you have come back undelivered.

Ammy said...

I am so glad you are back in your house. I have been praying that you would get back in your home soon. As for the babys colds...They make a baby vicks that I used on my girls. Some things I did for my girls is use saline solution. I made mine. You mix 1/4 teaspoon of salt in a cup of water. Put a few drops in their nostril and in a few minutes suction the nose out. Have you tried steaming them? I put them in their car carrier and run the hottest water in the shower and sit the baby on the counter in the bathroom. The steam helps a lot. We still do this when the girls are croupy. We run a cool mist humidifier in the winter time and that seems to help a lot too. Good luck.

grandmapeg said...

I forgot to ask what color Grant's eyes are. It looks like Richie's are blue but I can't tell for sure the color of Grant's.

Connie said...

So glad you're back in the house. Those babies are adorable!

Nate and Julie said...

Grace has a cold right now too. I try to suction out as much as I can right before bedtime. Then I elevate her crib mattress slightly (only because she can't roll yet) and run the humidifier all night. I hate sick babies! Hope they are better soon!

Sue said...

We've had a big leak (our dishwasher) and the attendant machines. It's always such a relief to get them out and have things return to normal.

The baby is darling, and so was that waitress!

As for the Triaminic, I also read that it's not considered safe for kids anymore. I never used Vicks on my babies, but I used to rub it on their chests once they got older. It's miserable having a sick baby who can't breathe!


C Dawn's bucket said...

Use a humidifier and I put Eucalyptus essential oil drops on their bedding to help clear the congestion

Dad and Susan said...

It appears that we all are glad you're back in your home! Probably not as glad as you are! This has been some visit with those babies, hasn't it? So glad you had time to get acquainted with them both. You're going to miss them so much. After my kids leave I want to call them every other hour to see what's going on in their lives. You get so used to having them around that they leave a big hole when they're gone. Love, Dad and Susan

Grandma Honey said...

Rebecca~ My email was down for a few days but it seems to be fine please resend your email!

Susan~ I am the same way. I get so use to having them here. I hate the goodbyes the most.

Cynthia~ I have some eucalyptus oil but never thought to use it in that way...but it makes sense. Thank you!

Sue~ Us Grandmas have a hard time getting use to these new rules. Even when I used Triaminic on my kids back in the day, I only doled it out very sparingly....just enough to dry them up enough to sleep.

Julie~ The night before last the McKs put several cans of chicken under 2 legs of the pack and play...trying to prop it up some so Grant could breath better. They also had a humidifier running. How I love the name Grace!

Ammy~ I did put a vaporizer in both bedrooms. Thanks for the info on making the saline solution. I was trying to figure out what was in that last night.

Eileen~ I think you answered my question about using Vicks on babies. Since they have a different one for babies, then it must be a milder I will try to find that one. I use to have some years ago but I had forgotten about that gentler kind.

Carly said...

I love how both the boys look exactly like their moms. Not alike at all in my opinion. Soooo cute though.

I hope the colds don't last long! said...

Oh, my goodness you've had a crazy Christmas...good for you for making the best of a crazy situation! i'm sure you're family will not forget this Christmas! Wow! Is it good news that is happened? Do you get new floors? ;)

Grandma Honey said...

Carly~ I totally agree. Those boys both look SO much like their Moms. Your Aunt Kim said firstborns usually look like the opposite sex parent. Do you think so?

Natalie~ Oh yes we get new floors, but I liked the ones we had. I doubt we can find these same ones so after the kids leave we will go hunting for something different. I wish you were here because I know you are so good with color and style!

grandmapeg~ Grants eyes are a dark green so far and Rich's are blue. And I think they do weigh about the same.....and I think they both weigh more than Violet. She is such a petite little girl.

Lisa said...

What cute pictures! Your family is blossoming so beautifully. I feel your pain too as time is always so short w/ our beloved posterity! The young parents look like "au naturals" ! : )