Friday, May 13, 2011

What goes around comes around

While I was making dinner a few days ago, 
my 8 year old granddaughter must have picked up the Reader's Digest.
because she just started reading to me from it.
She even got the grown up humor.

Such as this one:

For some reason this was her favorite:
She laughed and laughed.

We've had many good memories through the years on this same kitchen counter.
Elora with cousin Macie over 4 years ago.

And so the generations continue that started with my sons on these counters 20 years ago.
Logan, Brock, Tyler, and McKay


Dad and Susan said...

Love this "present to past" vignette. Your repertoire of ideas is impressive. Always love seeing "the kids." Love, Dad and Susan

Karen Mortensen said...

What memories you have. Love the picture of all the boys.

grandmapeg said...

A lot of fun memories come from sitting around or on the kitchen counter. In my house it is a "gathering" place for conversation and it looks like the same goes for yours. It is fun to see the different generations enjoying the same "place" :-)

Eileen said...

Oh, I love this!
Your home holds so many nice family memories for you, and it's amazing to think of all the generations gathering together there too.

I love the open floor plan you have in your home, 'really conducive to family gatherings. I love how that encourages togetherness. And I love how you encourage it too!

Elora's favorite joke was mine too!

Sweet post.
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ Blogger shut down the other day and it lost my post and your comment. I didn't have the latest version of that post saved but it did save my original, so I reposted that. I want you to know that I did read your comment though, and I want to thank you for your kind understanding.