Monday, May 9, 2011

My new way of organizing a talk

The past week I had been consumed with writing my talk for Mother's Day yesterday. Of all the weeks I could have been asked to speak at church, Mother's Day was not high on my list. It scared me. So many women have a hard time with that day, for various reasons, and I was just so worried I would add to their pain.

So it was a struggle putting it all together last week.

As I usually do while preparing talks, I go to the computer and just type things out as they come to me throughout the week. I do lots of reading, talking to others and trying to retrieve memories from my past on the subject.

Then after it's all compiled I have to decide how to put it all together. I was having such a hard time because I would put a paragraph from page 2 to page 8...then I would think, okay now page 2 doesn't make sense. Then I would notice that page 4 doesn't flow into page 5. Then I would realize nothing was flowing together!

So I did something differently this time that really worked for me and I hope to remember. I printed the talk out...all 8 pages.  I cut out each individual story or then I had about 20 little pieces of paper. Then I sat on the floor and moved them all around til I got it right. Much like putting a puzzle together. This way went MUCH quicker than if I had done it all on the computer BECAUSE I could see everything at once....unlike the computer where I was continually scrolling up and down and back and forth.

After I got all the little parts in the order I wanted them in, I taped them together. Then I brought this big string of taped pieces together to the computer. Then I just did 'cut and paste' in the same order. Printed it all out and it was done!

This just shows how I quickly taped the pieces together in the order I wanted them. 
 I also was able to put to the side, material I decided I didn't want to use after all. 

My brain just works better when I can see what I'm doing.

It may sound like more work the way I'm explaining, but it really was much less work.
Not sure if anyone understands what I'm trying to explain?

PS  I really do try NOT to read it, but I like to have it all printed out so I don't have to worry about memory glitches...which I can count on lately.

My talk ended with:
"Home is just a place to practice heaven."


Karen Mortensen said...

Love it. Very creative.

cristie said...

boy did this come at the right time! i'm talking next Sunday and did just as you suggested. now i just have to piece it together. thanks jill. xox

Eileen said...

I would have loved to hear your talk, Jill! I'm sure it was wonderful!

And I write much the same way, over a period of days or weeks, random thoughts put here and there, researching a little and adding to this and that, adding a memory or some significant story, and then rearranging it all. I guess our minds work alike and I love your idea of printing it all out because I have so much trouble with the scrolling up and down too. I'm so visual, and it just makes it easier to have it all right in front of me, cutting and pasting is so much easier your way, so thanks for that tip!

I would never be able to give a talk without the written word at hand. I used to give talks at my daughters high schools and I always had to have my thoughts written on index cards, just main topics to jog my memory.

I love your last quote so much!

And I loved your mother video in your previous post and also that they included the quote from Abraham Lincoln.
Your post on your mother and grandmothers was beautiful too, and I can see where your kind heart came from. And I enjoyed seeing their photos so much.

And the drawing by Brock was fantastic! Such an amazing Mother's Day gift! Erin must have been thrilled.
Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

That's exactly how I do it, Jill! Works great. Hey, any chance we could hear or read your talk? Sorry I missed it. I bet it was great!

grandmapeg said...

I love your idea!! I, too, like to have the whole thing visual instead of going back and forth. I'll have to give it a try. I love the way you ended your talk. That is such a true statement! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Lisa said...

That is BRILLIANT! I have that problem all the time & in the end, it's a hodge podge of a thought I wanted to convey, but never comes to fruition. I can see how the visual would make all the difference! How's about sending me a copy to my email so I can read it? I didn't go to Church & more than anything wanted to hear YOU speak. I LOVE YOU & hope you had a PERFECT DAY.

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, Well done. Understood your process perfectly. Wish we could have been there to hear your completed puzzle. Love, Dad and Susan

Sue said...

What a GREAT idea!

Wish I could have heard that talk...


Logan and Amy said...

That is exactly how I do it too! It works great! Logan usually makes fun of me but it works for me :) I really enjoyed your talk. You did awesome!


the Rich girl said...

I used this same technique for writing papers in my English classes. Sometimes the computer just becomes too confining. And it's definitely easier when you can see everything all at once instead of having to scroll around on the computer screen.

Scrapally said...

Since it is all on your computer, you should post it for the rest of us to read. :) I'm sure you did a great job! I was asked to talk on Mother's day the week my son got home from his mission. Silly me, thought I'd get to hear HIM talk. nope. Mother's should not have to talk on mother's day. you are so sweet though and I'm sure your talk was wonderful. Love your end quote. I will have to use your method for my talk this week in ward conference! I better get to it!

Richard said...

Would love to read your about privately emailing it to us.

Mar~ said...

When I write a talk it is a creative mess! During the beginning of preparation, I have post-it notes and papers all over! Then I put the content into my laptop and print! At that point I highlight, circle and assign paragraphs a spot in the final copy. I end up cutting a lot of the material out...I always have WAY too much for the time allotted!
I'm sure your message was fabulous! I would love to hear it also.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the info. Andrew and I are speaking this Sunday. I just might have to try this!