Friday, April 1, 2011

My Dad's apology

While I was going through my scrapbooks a few days ago to find pictures for another post, I ran across something I don't remember receiving. I think it's over 40 years old.

Obviously my Dad gave me a box of candy with his apology, but what in the world was he apologizing for? I most likely pushed him to the edge about something. I most likely was about 15-17 years old. Interesting how there has never been a need for him to apologize again to me once I grew up a little more. 

This made me think of a song I still know all the words to. So I googled it and found it was released by Roy Clark in 1969. That sounds about right, because I was 15 that year. 

 I think I related to this song  just because of these 2 lines:
"and every conversation I can now recall
concerns itself with me and nothing else at all."

This video is not very good, but the music is.

Since I liked those two lines, it's like I knew even back then that I was self centered. Thankfully I had parents who were patient and weathered out those years with me.  I did remember, even in my very ornery times (hormonal) I knew they had faith in me. They didn't label me. At least not while I was in the room. 

I wish someone had explained hormones and how I would not always feel so unsettled. Instead, I just thought I wasn't a very good person. I don't think PMS or pregnancy hormones even begin to compare what a girl goes through as a teenager.

 I also found this note from my Dad, written during this same time period:

So maybe I wasn't quite as bad as I thought I was back then. 
At least not all the time. 


Sue said...

I love that he was willing to write you a note and express his feeling that he had been wrong. A really good and loving parent can always recognize that and wants to point it out.


Karen Mortensen said...

You dad was awesome and is still awesome. You are not so bad yourself. I agree with your parents.

Annette said...

It the process of learning we all go through. Thankfully most parents remember those times themselves. Wonderful note and I loved the Sees candy envelope. Parents rock! I know mine did. While they weren't perfect they were perfect for me.

And I think you are pretty wonderful yourself!

Eileen said...

Oh, such wonderful treasures to find! And wonderful that you thought to keepsake them!
And I can so relate to that song "Yesterday, when I was young...", and I can relate to that not-very-nice feeling about myself and it still sticks today. And I get so afraid that I'm going to near the end of my life with so many regrets.
BUT I absolutely can not picture you being self-centered!

No way would the love expressed by your daughter-in-law (so beautifully displayed in that 'mother's love' picture she gave you) be for anyone self-centered!
I cried tears of joy for you when I read that post.
All those pictures are a beautiful display of love, and so was Erin's gesture.
Love to you,
PS ~ I have the same picture of the Madonna and Child, I think it's called the 'Madonna of the Streets'.

Grandma Honey said...

Sue~ I so agree. I also think a parent would rather be wrong than have their child be wrong. That's how I felt anyway.

Karen~ Thanks for agreeing with my parents :)

Annette~ I have realized that more and more through the years too- 'they were perfect for me.'

Grandma Honey said...

Eileen- I wish you could see yourself as others see you. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about.

grandmapeg said...

I loved this song and haven't heard it for years! I think most teenage girls are caught up in themselves, and hopefully we have all grown out of that stage! I still can't picture you ever being that way!

Lisa said...

I absolutely love this post & your narrative. I also wanted to THANK YOU myself for the "comment" on my blog. It really touched me & tears flooded my eyes. I so appreciated your words of kindness today.

Incidentally, I cannot even imagine you having a selfish bone in your body! LOL I'm grateful for our friendship & trust. You are really ONE OF A KIND.

Heather (The Menu Mama) said...

Those notes are so sweet. I bet you were a lovely teenager, but I totally know what you mean about hormones!