Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grandpa Heasley's funeral and an Easter message

 I saved Grandpa Heasley's funeral pictures from earlier this month, 
to show during this Easter weekend.

But first, I have 2 old photos I came across recently
and thought they were so sweet. 
It's with Logan in 1982, age 3, 
who was often Grandpa's little shadow.  

William Henry Heasley
One of the very last times I saw him.

I love this message! Easter fills me with such hope and peace. 
"We can die no more."


Susan Rozier said...

Jill, The pictures of the funeral were very sweet. He was loved by his family. That's the best legacy.

The message of the resurrection is the most glorious message of all time. My heart soars to hear this sweet aposltle testify. All the feelings I have for the Gospel of Jesus Christ were felt in abundance during this clip. Thanks. Love, Susan

cristie said...

this is such a nice tribute. thank you. xox

grandmapeg said...

In all the time I've known you I don't remember you ever mentioning that the boys' grandfather was a policeman. Or maybe my memory is failing. It looks like it was a very nice tribute. And I so agree with you that Easter gives us hope and peace!

Grandmotherfairy said...

Beautiful thoughts and pictures for Easter Morning...

Karen Mortensen said...

Very nice. I am glad some of them were able to go for the funeral. It was so great that the twins were able to go. I know he loved those twins.

Annette said...

Oh how I miss Elder Worthlin. I so loved to listen to his talks. The Funeral looked wonderful. They are somber occasions but they always give me a chance to reflect my own life and to put me back on track!

Sue said...

He must have been quite a fellow.

Aren't we lucky we know what we know?


Kris said...

Those photos really touched me. What a wonderful man. And thank you for sharing that beautiful reminder of our Savior.