Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sorry, one more thing I HAVE to add

I thought I was done reporting about TIME OUT FOR WOMEN last weekend. 
But no, there is one thing I have been thinking about more than what I have already written.

Saturday morning as Dennis and I were driving into the parking lot we noticed an ambulance. As I gasped at the sight of it, right away Den said they often bring an ambulance to a big public function, just to have on stand by, just in case. I said, "No, come on. It's not like this is a sports thing. Who would get injured here?" 

As we walked into the front doors I saw a nurse sitting to the side against the wall right by a partition. I peered a bit over the partition to see what was going on...(it's the mother/grandmother in me)...and I saw a woman on a stretcher. The nurse smiled at me as she  just sat calmly right there by her patient.

The woman on the stretcher and the nurse were together throughout the morning session. They may been there for the afternoon session as well, I'm not sure. I didn't get a good look at this obviously very ill woman so I don't know her age. 

Too ill to even sit up but she WANTED TO BE AT THIS CONFERENCE. 

I was humbled by her and whatever her enormous trial in life is. I also thought many many times throughout that day how blessed I am for my health. Blessed that I was able to raise my children while NOT being on a stretcher. 

I saw many young moms with babies and toddlers. One mother had what looked like a 1 year old, a 2 year old AND she was pregnant. She must have spent most of her time in the mother's lounge (there were speakers piped in there). We first saw her outside during break letting her little ones run off some energy. I turned to Den and whispered to him, "That poor girl. Wouldn't it have been easier to just stay home?" He just said, "She wanted to be here and she probably had no one to leave her babies with." Or I thought, she could have been like me and didn't want to leave her babies.

I saw mothers who seemed to be continually walking the floors with their babies...for most of that whole day. I felt sorry for them...thinking they must be so tired. But then I would think of the woman on the stretcher and how she would probably give anything to be one of those tired moms walking the floors. 

I was in awe by all of them. I notice more and reflect more as a Grandma, because I can. 

I came away equally inspired by those in attendance. Just as I do at church each Sunday. I thought back to the many years I spent more time in the foyer than in the chapel. But I don't remember ever returning home feeling it was a waste of time. Life around us can be just as inspiring as the speakers, sometimes even more so.


Sue said...

I've only been to this event twice, but both were wonderful. I love the sense of sisterhood in the room.


darlene said...

You walked your babies in the foyer because that was the only thing to do. You couldn't leave your babies AND you wanted to be there. It would have felt bad to pick just one or the other. We mothers did what we needed to do. And I know we are completely in agreement that it was totally worth it.

Susan Rozier said...

You are so right! I view *young mothers and so admire them. It's amazing to see how they can multi-task! That is a skill I have definitely lost with age. (*Young to me is anyone with children still at home!)

Thanks for sharing your observances with us. You give a different "bent" than some.

Love, Susan

Karen Mortensen said...

Wow. I didn't see any of this. What great women to put forth such an effort to be there. I wish I would have seen one. I would have loved to walk with a baby.

cristie said...

jill it's so easy for me to get caught up in the "PLAN" that i miss the real opportunities right under my nose. this is a good reminder for me. thank you. xox

Lisa said...

I admire the young moms & feeble kneed who will not allow their kids or circumstances to stop them from pursuing the things that matter most to them which is to be lifted, strengthened & edified in whatever capacity they find themselves. They have my complete respect & admiration.