Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who is the Grandma?

There is a reason I am showing you these darling identical baby twin girls 
who were born March 16th.     Wrigley and Morley

Many many moons ago, beginning at age 11, I use to babysit this wonderful family:

What a great influence they have been on my life, and on my parenting. 
(Jonathan and Amy have yet to be born in this picture.)

I spent many many hours in their home.
I completely enjoyed my time with them.
Their home was filled with order, a calm spirit, and sweet happy children.

So the little girl above, the one sitting right next to me, that's Maria....and would you believe SHE is the GRANDMOTHER of those twin baby girls! No one is more surprised than me, that time can go by that quickly. That quickly! (or so it seems to me)

AND, I was also Maria's Primary teacher. She was 4, and I was 12. 
I still have the attendance roll to prove it.
(In our church back in 1966, Sunbeams were the 4 year olds.)

I use to team teach with another 12 year old, Carol Wardell.

Carol and I back in 1962 
4 years before we were Primary teachers.
(btw, Primary teachers are never that young anymore.)

Life is interesting. That I can always count on. 

Oh, and I can't end without showing Maria with one of her new grandbabies.

Figuring this all out mathematically....Maria became a Grandma the same age I did. 
Yet to me, she will always seem way too young to be joining this grandparent club. 

Mommy Megan with Wrigley and Morley
She looks like a natural already. 


Eileen said...

Beautiful babies! And beautiful Mommy and Grandma! And the twins look just like Mom (who looks just like Grandma!).
Time really is fleeting.
I was just thinking the same thing. So many of the children in my old neighborhood were only about two or three years old at the time we moved (I was nine), and now I've reconnected with some of them on Facebook and I am amazed to see them post about grandchildren! It just doesn't seem possible.
Where did the time go?

'Makes me feel so grateful for each day now!

Beautiful post!
Love and Prayers,

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, You are amazing. Who else has the attendance roll for a Primary Class they taught? Who else taught Primary at age 12? (Well, your friend did, but who else has this happened to?) Cute babies. Looks like they will be blonds. You're so good at connecting with the past and then continuing on until today with your friends and family. Love the pictures. Love, Dad and Susan

Natalie said...

I LOVE that picture of you as a babysitter! Such cute little girls! I love this post. I can't believe you taught primary as a twelve year old, but I'm sure you did a great job of it.

Karen Mortensen said...

Love this post. It is amazing how life keeps going on.

Richard said...

I remember you teaching that class.It was the month before they ordained you a Deacon...things were different then.

Sue said...

What a great-looking grandma she is! And I loved reading about that cycle of birth and growth and birth and more growth that is a ward family.


Mary said...

It seems so funny that we were Primary workers at such a young age! While you and Carol were 12-year-old Sunbeam teachers, I was a 12-year-old nursery worker. A year later I was the 13-year-old teacher of the Moonbeams(the 3-year-olds' class). Now my daughter loves being the Sunbeams teacher in our ward.

Whitney Jay said...

I CANNOT believe they had 12 year olds teaching primary! And I bet you were great at it. Also, that picture of your and Carol in front of the house is reallllly cute.

Grandma Honey said...

Whitney~ Well it may have been because my Mom was Primary pres at the time and she got special permission from the Bishop.

Mary- I totally remember you teaching the Moonbeams. I wanted to put a picture of you on here but I couldn't find one of you near that age :) Those good 8th ward memories!
I did find a picture of your little brother when I taught him the next year I think it was.

grandmapeg said...

I had never heard of any 12 year old Primary teacher until I read this! It helps to explain that your mom was president at the time but still very unusual. I find it pretty great that you still have the primary class roll and that you make the connections in present time. I love the picture of you at 12 years old.

Mary said...

Jill, that must have been my brother Darryl you taught. Jeff and LeRoy would have been too old to be Sunbeams by then. I'd love to see that picture of him!

Rebecca said...

My friend just had identival baby boys in Feb. So maybe we can introduce them in about 20 years...oh wait, they will probably be on their missions then. That is so funny you were a Primary teacher at 12. Seriously, don't you think we were more mature back then than the 12 year olds are now???

Grandma Honey said...

Rebecca~ We thought we were anyway. I do think more was expected of us in some ways back then. When I was only 11 my parents would go away for the weekend and I would be in charge of my younger siblings.

Grandma Honey said...

One more thing Rebecca~ You don't live that far from these twins, so who knows, they could get together with those twin boys someday. Stranger things have happened!

Richard said...

Grandmapeg had never heard of a twelve year old Primary teacher? What would she say if she learned that picture of you Maria and Kevin in the Klands living room was actually the Ward Bishopric back then? I remember Kevin really threw a fit when the Stake Pres told him he would have to wear pants on the weeks he conducted...

Lisa said...

WOW on the history lesson! The women & babies are so PRETTY! You sure had an incredible life Grandma Honey! You're PRETYY TOO! : )

Amy Nielson said...

I love this post about my family!! Thanks!!! :)

Meg said...

Such a cute post!! I love seeing the pictures of my mom as a little girl! Thanks for sharing :)