Friday, April 8, 2011

Outstanding TOFW!

That's what Time Out For Women has been so far. Den and I go back again first thing in the morning!

I've heard for years how good this production is and I've always thought to myself: Really? I mean how good can one lecture type evening be?? Although I have wanted to go and find out for myself.

Total entertainment. Lots of music. I learn best by music so I was just soaking it all in. And when Michael McLean (always loved his music anyway) had us all singing to a few Beatles songs, the tears were flowing. I don't know why. Something about being with 1,760 women plus Dennis.

More tomorrow but I have to tell one very embarrassing thing that happened tonight. I felt so bad about it that I couldn't quit talking about it til finally a friend near by said, "It's over. Move on." I just feel really bad when I hurt anyone.

So during break I thought I would go up and meet John Bytheway. My son Tyler has loved his CDs and videos for years....and ever since I read one of his books a year or so ago, so have I. So I thought I would go up and get a picture for Tyler. We were on break, and Den just got back from the bathroom (he had to go upstairs for that being they converted ALL of the downstair bathrooms for WOMEN). So he was back to save our seats.

So I go up near the stage and wait as John Bytheway is talking to a woman. I decide to just snap a picture of him but suddenly he looks my way so I politely ask him, "Do you mind if I take your picture?" He says, "Sure, but don't you want to be in it?" I didn't want to say no, so I turned to a woman I didn't know standing near me and asked, "Would you mind taking a picture of us?" She didn't even smile and said haltingly, "Well I guess so but there is a line here waiting." 

I had no idea and suddenly I see this very LONG line of women WAITING to have their picture taking with John Bytheway. So I quickly step back and say, "Oh I am so sorry. I didn't mean to cut in line." and Bytheway says, "That's okay ...come here and lets have our picture taken." He sort of pulls me close to him and I am saying, "No no no no no it's not right. These other women are waiting." He insists so I just stand there quickly and smile to get it over with. 

Then I had to walk by this entire line of women I was afraid to make eye contact with, but I could imagine what they were thinking of me and my rudeness. 

And what's really bad is I watched many at the end of the line being turned away because the break was over and they had to get back to the show!

Since I went through all that to get this picture, I thought I better at least show it. It's out of focus but hey, I didn't dare ask for a repeat!

For you Tyler. All for you.

Tomorrow I hope to come back and tell you more about what we learned.
For now, we're going to bed.

 See what great pictures we take when we do it ourselves!


Annette said...

I love TOFW!!! I have been many years. Last year I went to 2 of them. They weren't able to make the south east again this year so we wont have one. Anyhow, I love to see Men there. I think they have stuff for them too. I hope Dennis loves it. I always see a few men sprinkled in at ours. I know our old Temple Pres use to come to them all the time. And ya.. don't worry about the picture. Enjoy your day! Tell me who was there and what ya learned.

cristie said...

great story! fun photo...i am so happy you and den are having such a nice time. xox

grandmapeg said...

I can imagine how embarrassed you were but hey, you got the picture, and you weren't expecting him to invite you to be in the picture. John Bytheway is a very nice person. When I had to call him last year to get permission to show his DVD, he was very talkative and personable. You'll have to let us know some of the high points of this conferece!

Susan Rozier said...

How wonderful for you to be there with all your fellow sisters AND YOUR AWESOME HUSBAND. Isn't it great to be able to share all that with him first hand! I'm happy for you. Love, Susan

Eileen said...

Oh, Jill, I really feel for you. I would have felt the same way. And the worst is, you are NOT that person at all, you are just not that pushy type, you would never be insensitive or dismissive of others, and now all these women will never know that. They have a false impression, so I can understand your feelings.
But I have a feeling that John Bytheway knew EXACTLY the situation you were in and I love the way he was dealing with it. How wonderful of him!
And wonderful advice too from your friend to say that it was over and to move on from it. But I also know that's easier said than done!

'So happy to hear that you and Dennis are enjoying yourselves!

And all those bright lights in your self-photo ~ I heard that's a good sign! (Something about angels all around you.)
Love and Prayers,

Sue said...

It couldn't have taken that along to snap a picture, Jill, and I just love that he didn't want to turn you away. What a neat guy!


PS. Any women who were glowering at you (and I'll bet there weren't as many as you thought), need to attend a few more Time Outs for Women and get their hearts in the right place!

Tyler said...

Thanks, Mom. I read this several days ago, but I never commented. Side note: My Personal Finance professor last year once told the class that he and John Bytheway sit in the back of their high priests group and joke about stuff together. Not a cool story or anything, but I was surprised to hear from someone who lived in the same ward with him.

Oh, and I never told you, but we saw Sister Beck in the Salt Lake temple when we were there for Marilyn's wedding. Just in passing. Thought you'd want to know.