Thursday, March 31, 2011

A wonderful surprise

Just before leaving for church last night, to be with the Young Women, I noticed I had a message to call my son Brock. I didn't have time to return his call just then, but later on about 8:30 as I was leaving the church I called him back. He asked if I could stop by their house as they wanted to give me a gift. 

Huh? Really? Now?

So sure, I was on my way. 

After being greeted by a very happy and wide awake Cami (I heard she had a 4 hour nap that day!...unlike her sister Elora who was fast asleep) and trying to cuddle a hungry Violet (who changes every time I see her) they presented this to me:

I was stunned. I asked, "How did you know?"

I have LOVED this picture since I first saw it nearly 2 years ago.

Erin and I, along with her mom and Elora, were all having lunch at the Victoria Cottage Rose 
when I was captured by
this picture on the wall right by our table. 
It was love at first sight and I mentioned that. 
(although I don't remember saying anything)

Little did I know that Erin took mental note and had been trying to find the picture on the Internet ever since!!
She told me last night that she had even asked the restaurant if she could buy it and they said no.
But recently the restaurant changed ownership and apparently the new owner told Erin YES.

You know how some pictures just speak to you?
You don't have to think about it much or look at it very long before you just know you love it. 
I have a love for pictures of mothers with children.

This one I found in an old bookstore many years ago.

And this one I bought at least 25 years ago at a decorating party.

I think I found this one for the playroom at a yard sale.
To me, a Mother's love is the most powerful force on earth. 
Perhaps a Father's love is also, but I can't say being I've never been one.

And now I own another picture that says just that. 
And it's gorgeous!

I was so excited by it all that I could not go to sleep til 2:30am! 
I slept in til 7:30 but still I feel a nap coming on soon. 

Even more than the picture itself, 
I am in awe that Erin would go to so much trouble just for little ol' me.


Ammy said...

My Mom has that EXACT one that you say you got at a decorating party in her living room. I love them...they all remind me of my Mom.

Natalie said...

What a beautiful gift! My mom has a similar one next to the rocking chair in her room. I love that bunny one too. There is something singular about the emotion these pictures convey. That newest one is just striking. What a perfect addition to your little collection.

Karen Mortensen said...

That was so sweet of them. I love that picture in the play room.

Scrapally said...

well, that Erin is a treasure! And so are you! I'm sure that's why she did it. What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise...this post brought tears to my eyes..thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and stories with us!

Dad and Susan said...

It is a gorgeous picture! All of them certainly speak to you and what you value. I see a "redecorating" coming on to accomodate the lovely addition to your already lovely home. What a sweet son and daughter-in-law you have! We're happy for you. Love, Dad and Susan

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful picture. And even more beautiful that Erin noticed you liked it so much and went to the trouble to get it for you. How sweet! I too love Mother/child pictures. I will have to put mine on my blog sometime to show you.

Anna said...

I love that picture too, and I'm sure it looks beautiful in your home. And Erin is awesome!

Grandmotherfairy said...

I love all you 'mother" pictures. You have very thoughtful children...the picture you got a home party...I had that one also...I don't know what has happened to it...I guess I am on the lookout again...

Sue said...

I'm so touched that she persevered and was able to give you such a meaningful gift.

She must have been thrilled to see your face when you received it.

What a treasure (her AND the painting). Now it will just mean all the more to you every time you look at it.


grandmapeg said...

How sweet of Erin and Brock to give you that picture!! It is beautiful! You are so right about a mother's love! I love all of your pictures. You are very blessed with great children (including the spouses).

Lisa said...

That picture Erin gave you is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I looked at it & did a double take because the woman looks just like you! Only rather than a mom with, I thought of YOU, the GRANDMA with her little granddaughter(s)!!!

What an amazing story about how she got the pic! A story that will be retold over & over again every time someone see's the picture. So LOVELY!