Saturday, December 24, 2011

Plan B, or maybe C

So yesterday my Dad called and suggested we ask the insurance to put us all up in hotels. At first I thought it would be more trouble moving, than staying here in this mess. Besides who wants to leave home on Christmas, especially since we have flown our married kids out here to be with us??

Besides, I had already asked the insurance, and they said no.

Then one of the 4 workers taking out our flooring said to me, "Ma'am, you need to make other plans for Christmas. We will be putting 5 industrial fans in here that will be so loud you won't be able to hear yourself talk."

That did it. Several phone calls later (to the insurance) and here we all are at the Hilton Homewood Suites. This is a new, very lovely hotel. We have 3 rooms, all next together. Each complete with a kitchen and living room area.

I keep thinking....and this is all because of one little drip drip drip under our dishwasher! But then I started thinking how often lives are turned upside down because of one little accident (and I don't mean to imply this is one of those times...this isn't a tragedy, of course). I also realize that any problem that can be solved, is really not a problem. Not in the whole scheme of things.

And so we may as well enjoy our stay here, right?

Karen and Tyler's room became party central 
with cousins Jake/Katie and Colt/Sami joining in.

The hotel maids are going crazy over Richie.

Grant is enjoying the hotel decor.

It's been tricky making Christmas dinner in a hotel room, but it's working....sort of.
With some help from the front desk...letting me use their bigger bowls.

So with no car (we are sharing 2 cars between 3 couples of course)
I have time to cook and blog, simultaneously.
While listening to Adele... being I have no Christmas music on my IPOD.
Multi tasking at its finest.

Dennis knows I am feeling stressed, and I even got up at 2am to make lists 
of all we need to do to have a hotel Christmas.
We woke up this morning and he said to me, "I will do anything to help you. Anything." 
I have hardly seen him since then with all the errands, 
and crisis control at our wet house,
 and last minute shopping and delivering gifts I sent him on. 
I don't usually talk like this but I looked him in the eyes and said, 
"Praise God, from whom all blessings flow." 
I am so thankful He gave me my husband. And my entire family.


Connie said...

Oh goodness! You'll be able to look back on this and year!
I hope you will still be able to enjoy your family and just think, you won't have to clean up the mess in the morning! Thank goodness for hotel maids!
Merry Christmas!

Rebecca said...


Ammy said...

DITTO what Rebecca said...

Anonymous said...

This will be a choice memory one day.. because it will be one of those... remember that time when.. and all will laugh.. so that being said.. find a way to laugh now. I think this is incredible and also much safer for the babies.. You are an amazing Grandma and no matter what.. everything is perfect. and.. I am glad I am not you this Christmas.. I would be needing some advice.. so there you have it.. my advice and my prayers.. you Rock.. and the Adele thing is so cool. Jay

grandmapeg said...

I'm stressed for you!! But you seem to be making it work, and oh what memories your family will have of this Christmas. The food looks great by the way! Merry Christmas!!

Dad and Susan said...

I was wondering how you had time to blog. Now this explains that question. Awesome. The rooms look so nice and with kitchens and living rooms, they're so versatile.
Definitely a Christmas to remember. I still my comment to you "to go with the flow" is so funny! (No pun intended.) You are very blessed, actually. Love, Dad and Susan

Travis LeMaster said...

Merry Christmas! I'm glad your insurance was able to put you up at the hotel, though I'm sure this is making a 'memorable' Christmas experience! God is good!

Dennis said...

Despite the stress, we are actually having a lot of fun with this. Remember the movie "A Christmas Story" set in the 50's. After the turkey disaster, the family ends up having Christmas dinner in a Chinese Restaurant with the staff singing "Deck the Halls." I was thinking we could go over to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, "El Matador," and try to talk them into singing "Feliz Navidad." Fortunately, Amy stepped to the plate and our dinner is moving there. This will certainly be a Christmas to remember. We wish the rest of the family was here to experience this. Merry Christmas!


Scrapally said...

Oh, this will definitely be a christmas story to remember! Glad it is being blogged about, everyone else should write their versions of it and make it into one big fun family story to read NEXT year. :) Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Eileen said...

I absolutely LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE, Jill!

So wonderful that you focus on the Blessing of being together and not on the big mishap!

I have my own little "unplanned" story of Christmas too, but it's nothing compared to yours!

I'll try to blog about it later this week.
Love and Prayers,

Sue said...

I'm so impressed with the way you handled this, Jill. And I love what your husband said to you. What a guy!


PS. This will be a special memory, in the end...

Lisa said...

Oh man Jill....I had no idea. Honestly, if I wasn't so wrapped up in my own stupid life, I could've let you use my EMPTY HOUSE & KITCHEN with big bowls, brand new flooring & EVERYTHING! So. Sorry!

I had to laugh at that ending statement. : ) LOVE YOU & glad you survived! Pictures of Hailey & her Dad brought tears to my eyes. What a precious set of SPIRITS.