Monday, December 26, 2011

another unexpected event....and poor Laurynn !

So while Christmas Story was running in the hotel lobby yesterday...

and we were having our breakfast, look who's carried Santa!

A Christmas breakfast to remember.

On the way out to the parking lot McKenna excitedly found this:
Even with many empty rooms at this hotel,
apparently I'm not the only Grandma Honey here!

We broke the rules for 2 hours, 
and turned off all the blaring fans in our house so we could have Christmas morning there. 
Not what we were suppose to do, 
and I usually follow rules to the letter, 
but it was Christmas morning and all our presents and tree were at the house....
and try as we did, 
we could not figure out a way to transport our tree to the hotel.

more on that in another post.....

Then on to church, where besides Christmas,.... it was Grant's blessing day 
...more on that later too.

So sweet Amy said we could move Christmas dinner to her house after church. 
since ours is still unlivable

Just as church ended Dennis got a call from Amy 
saying Laurynn was in the hospital getting ready for surgery due to an appendicitis.

Since all our food was at Amy's and she had the tables set and ready to go, 
we went ahead and had dinner there....

...while poor Laurynn was having emergency surgery.

Finally about 8:30 last night, Amy got to have her Christmas dinner!

We thought we could go home today, 
but turns out our house needs us to stay away at least for another night. 

And no, I don't think it has anything to do with turning off the fans for those 2 hours.
Can you tell I'm still trying not to feel guilty about that?


Dad and Susan said...

Oh my. I think you're doing exceptionally well considering all the hoops you're having to jump through, adjustments you're having to make, and the unsettleness to contend with. Thank goodness you have those babies to dote on. They bring smiles no matter the circumstances.

We loved being with you yesterday. Thanks for letting us share in the "adjusting."

Love, Dad and Susan

Eileen said...

Poor Laurynn! Poor Amy!

I hope that Laurynn is on the mend. I will keep you all in my prayers.

(I remember my Mom saying when things went wrong, "Now nobody say 'Not another thing can happen' because it will!") So, I'm not going to say that, but I am going to HOPE it!
Love and Prayers,

Eileen said...

PS ~ I've enjoyed all your family photos so much! Thanks for posting it all. And I can't wait to see photos of your home once your all settled back in.
I think you will look back and say to yourself, "How did I ever get through that?" And I know you'll also know you had GREAT help along the way in the form of husband, family, and Heaven! Your family really are great troopers!
So glad you could all enjoy each other in spite of everything that was thrown your way!

Oh, and how sweet the 'Grandma Honey' license!

Connie said...

What an adventure you're having! I hope Laurynn heals quickly! What a way to spend Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Much Respect.. and I think you are quite the Hostess.. Christmas is where family is and you have shown that well! I cant wait to see what happens next. Still praying for yall.

Grandma Honey said...

When we talked to our Utah kids last night we found out that Kris and Ryan were both very sick all Christmas Eve and Day....
with a horrible 24 hour stomach virus.

Now THAT, and what Laurynn is going through, would be a hard Christmas.

Our house/leak/hotel is more an adventure.

But thank you for all the sympathy, just the same. :)

Rebecca said...

Oh dear! I think this could be a made for TV movie!

Mary said...

Wow, this is a Christmas your family will never forget! I hope everyone is on the mend now and that everyone gets to enjoy an uncomplicated New Years Eve and Day!!

lynn campbell said...

So sorry for Laurynn and Amy. How fun, though, to have three grandbabies celebrating their first Christmases together. THREE! I just cannot imagine!

Grandma Honey said...

It is very wonderful, Lynn. We have said many times the past few days that we wish we could have all our grandchildren here at this hotel.

Sue said...

Boy, if all of this were a movie you wouldn't even believe it!

What a week you've had. And you've certainly made the best of it...


PS. Hope Laurynn feels much better soon!