Tuesday, December 27, 2011

9 reasons I love being a Rozier

Something about holidays brings certain things to light.

Like our annual Rozier Christmas party.
Looking around I noticed just a few of the reasons I love being a part of my extended family:

1.  Always doting aunts ready to view and be excited about the new members of our family...like baby Grant

Aunt Karen loving on Richie

2. We have our unique qualities....like Calvary's hair. She was born with a one pony tail on the side of her head. I've never seen anything like it. What a nice little bonus.
 My sister Peggy with her Calvary (her youngest grandchild)

3. Even when members of our family arrive 30 minutes late for dinner because they accidentally go to the wrong party down the street, no one is upset....only happy to see them.

4. At any given Rozier party, during any given year, there are always little ones to love
and give great meaning to life.
 Love Téa's apple that I found on one of the tables.

5. We have the best food at our family gatherings!

6. There is always catching up to do. Concern and interest all around the room.

7.We share history together and are so happy to see once again family that travel many hours to be with us.

8. We accept all princesses

9. My Dad is the quiet patriarch of this family, with Susan always by his side.
They, along with my mother, are our foundation.

10.  We worry and pray for those who are struggling, and share in their pain. Before our Christmas Eve dinner we all knelt in prayer on behalf of our brother Richard who is in Utah struggling with health challenges.
at Natalie's wedding in Oct

Last Tuesday, the same night we learned he was in ICU, was also the same day we discovered our leaking house. Suddenly I didn't care if our house fell down. I just want my brother to be well again.

Did I always so appreciate my extended family? I don't think so. Not as much as I should have. In years past, sometimes I saw our gatherings as just another thing I had to do, another place we had to be. I'm thankful for those who went to such efforts, and continue to do so...to keep our family traditions going strong.

Update on house: It is still not dry. Day 5 at the Hilton...


Rebecca said...

Isn't family wonderful?
Also, can't get enough of those baby pictures!
Such cute, handsome boys those babies are!!!

Dad and Susan said...

Thanks for once again chronicling family events! We loved remembering how much we enjoyed being with everyone. Love, Dad and Susan

Sue said...

You have such a great family!

I hope your brother recovers quickly, Jill.


Scrapally said...

You have a wonderful family and we are happy to be acquainted with so many of them! Carly's baby with the "natural" ponytail...too cute! Lots of cute babies there!
thanks for sharing them with us!

Karen Mortensen said...

Those are the reasons I like being an honary Rozier too. I am so glad my brother married inot your family.
Your grandbabies are so adorable. Wish they lived closer.
Hope you can get into your house soon.
How is Richard? He is so awesome.

grandmapeg said...

It looks like a fun time was had by all, and it's always so fun to have babies at a family gathering because there are so many hands and arms wanting to hold them. I know I've said it before but you are very blessed that your family gets together so often. Sorry to hear that your house is still not dry. I'm sure there are a lot of people praying as I am for Richard and his health challenges.

Darlene said...

I did enjoy so much looking at the wonderful pictures of your family. The little ones are so darling. I can understand why you all enjoy geting together so much. We are the same. I was fortunate to be able to spend Christmas with two of my daughters and all of their families. There were 21 of us and what a time we had!

I do hope that we all have a Happy New Year. Take care, Jill. I also hope your brother gets better soon.

Ann said...

oh just few days didt online...Grandma Honey,life is always up and down, no matter how is so great there is family always to support each other. Hope everything is going well with the house, uncle Richard, Laurynn this coming new year! Happy New year...

Richard said...

I was in the ICU? Wendy told me that was a hotel with really good service.

Eileen said...

Great post, Jill.
And I've been just the same sometimes, not really appreciating the wonderfulness of such a big, extended family, and it wasn't until the past few years that I finally appreciated the efforts of my Mom & Dad, and my Aunts & Uncles, and my mother and father-in-law to make sure we gathered together often.
Just recently Ray's sister said to me how much she appreciated that I had Thanksgiving here and we also did "Jansson Christmas" here a few weeks ago (Susie & I used to split the holiday gatherings and also 'game nights', but she has had some medical issues lately) and I thought that was so sweet of her.

I loved all your photos, it's nice to get to meet more of your family, and I'm absolutely taken with Calvary and her sweet pony tail! 'Love seeing the twins too! They are growing so fast!

I hope your floor situation clears up soon, and I think it's wonderful how you keep priorities in perspective. I will keep your brother Richard in my prayers.

Love and Prayers,