Friday, August 1, 2008

A day for a hat!

We had so much fun this afternoon that we have decided to make it a tradition. My daughter in law Erin invited me, along with her mother Lynn, and Erin's Aunt Twyla...and of course a "fancy place", as Elora calls it. Actually I think this was orginally all Elora's idea.

Lynn, Aunt Twyla, me, Erin, and Elora

I'm thinking I look more like I am dressed for a Victorian Funeral.
There were only 2 hats in the store to choose from last night, and one was a cowboy hat.

Elora would not talk to anyone while she was drinking this.
She would not look up.
She would not smile.
Not till she finished the entire glass of lemonade
...and she did.

She was not too sure about the food
She had to look at it for awhile.

I thought my food was so pretty.
I like pretty food.

Now what would men have to say about this picture?
Yes we do like to go in groups.

Elora left no stone unturned during our tour through this restaurant.

Thank you Erin and Elora for inviting me.
We've decided to make this a family tradition.
We plan to return again next Aug. 1st.
So I have a whole year to find another hat.


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention the name of the restaurant. I'm very curious.

Anonymous said...

How fun. Is a place in downtown Clovis for tea?

Carlene said...

Hi Sister Shelley, it's me, Carlene Mitchell. I have been reading your blog for the past month and I am thoroughly enjoying it! I sure miss Clovis. Great tradition!!!

Jill said...

DARLENE, it was called Victoria Rose Cottage, and yes AMMY it is in old town Clovis.

Surprised to see you CARLENE!! I found your blog now so I can keep up. How fun. I hope you post some pictures of your 6 sons!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,

I'm glad you gave the information of what restaurant and where it is in the comments as those were my automatic questions. Sounds like fun. I feel a Grandma Susan "Grand Tea Party" coming on.

Thanks for sharing.

Love, Susan and Dad

The Gage Cage said...

How fun1 I love the bottom pic of Erin and Elora.

Anonymous said...

Jill, I love this kind of stuff. I am glad I know it is there now. Maybe next time I am in town we can go with Elora and Mckenzie, my mom and whoever else wants to go.

You are so funny. I loved your comment about the victorian funeral.

Carlene said...

Jill, my personal blog that has pictures of the kiddos are on

Carlene Mitchell

Amy Nielson said...

I went there for a baby shower once and thought it was a very fun place. Our food looked a lot like yours did. :)