Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My brother's funeral today

Inside the program:

The Urn

The Mountain View Ward Relief Society had such a beautifully decorated luncheon for us.

His friend Mark came all the way from England.
Also, we were so happy to have Chris' ex wife Jenny with us today.

These 3 friends are amazing. They all spoke at his funeral and have been very close and loyal friends of Chris' since high school.
Paul Stark, David Stark, and Berrett Rice
(David and I had quite a good talk today about his 9 month old triplets!)

My brothers John and Richard.
John gave the gospel message, and Richard dedicated Chris' grave.
Somehow I failed to get a picture of my brother Scott, who gave the eulogy.

Hailey and Natalie
It's been so fun having Natalie stay with us the past few days.
She is total entertainment.
She also is quite insightful.
She *knew* the In-vitro worked for Amy and Logan even before we got the news!

Hailey commented this morning that she loves funerals. Of course to her, they are a party with lots of cousins and good food and playing among the grave markers. Here she is explaining a game she has made up. Then I ask her to show me her Mommy's grave.
(By the way, thank you Krista for letting Hailey borrow your daughter's dress again!All her dress clothes are back home in Rocklin.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information about Chris' funeral. I talked to my mom and she said it was very nice. I am so sorry I couldn't be there but duty calls. I would have much rather been with you guys than at that boring meeting I had to go to for work. I love your blog. Keep up the good work. This is my source of information for your/my family. I am impressed with your talent and ability to do all of this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,

This is so nice. Thank you for recording this for all of us. The pictures of the cultural hall show what a class act our Relief Society President is--Susie Rock Bowen. The friends of Chris were awesome. Chris was lucky to have them and they seemed to regard him so highly. Being a good friend is a great quality to have. Your dad and I were so pleased with everything. Thank you for being the chief organizer, facilitator, and communicator. Robin did such a good job with the obituary and the programs. The boys did great as speakers. Kim was right-on with the display. It was so creative and thoughtful and depicted the love for his family that Chris had. We so appreciated the Bishop, the music people, and all who were involved to make this such a successful tribute to Chris and a comforting closure and message for us. We're so thankful for the gospel. Thanks again Jill. You have a great capacity. Love, Dad and Susan

LaDawn said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss. I so wished I could be there for Chris' funeral. I met him a few times at Stake Dances as a teenager. I knew some of his friends fairly well. They were an impressive group of guys to my 14-year-old eyes. How nice that they stayed close friends for so long. Aren't good friends key? And how wonderful it is that families ARE forever.

grandmapeg said...

It sounds like from Susan's comments that the funeral was nice and the luncheon was nice. It's great that you could capture some of it with pictures.

The Gage Cage said...

Your cheer is wonderful and amazing.

Sandi said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. May Heavenly Father's bless you with peace of mind, comfort and strength.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, the more I look into things, the more info I find...the programs lists all whom he left behind. And I see he was cremated. When I wrote my comment under your photos/dreams blog, I hadn't found those things out yet. Please send your family emails/addresses/phone numbers (We want to send something)so I can further contact them. Or you can give them my information. I am putting this all together and have gathered the day of the Funeral was about 1 day before we started to hear what happened to Chris at work. May God give him the peace his soul needs! You are in all our thoughts and prayers
Michelle (and the Morongo staff)