Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The In-Vitro Mom

I made a promise to Logan and Amy that I won't call them every single day of this pregnancy. They say they don't care, but I don't want to be a pestering mother-in-law. However, the promise does not start yet. Today I went over and took a little video of Amy. I wanted to get her story of the day she learned the In-vitro worked. Hard to believe that was just 2 days ago.

I asked Amy if on the day of the ultrasound I could wait in the parking lot. That way I can get the news as soon as she and Logan come out of the doctor's office. She said sure.

We left Dennis, her mom, the kids, the 2 dogs, the cat, and the 10 puppies in the other room while we went to the far back room of their house to record. Here she is:


Sandi said...

Jill, you don't know me at all. I am Ammy Moore's cousin. For some reason, I click on your blog link from Ammy's blog and have been interested ever since. I am SO happy for Amy and Logan. Congratulations to all. What an amazing mom and dad to go through all of this for another child. What a special family. I hope you don't mind me peaking at your blog and then commenting. I really am happy for everyone!

grandmapeg said...

What a wonderful and sweet young lady Amy is!!! She radiates her happiness. I am so excited for her and Logan! I look forward to all of your updates on her.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,

Not only is Amy a sweet, soft-spoken, lovely woman, but you are the kindest interviewer ever! We so look forward to this ongoing saga. Amy and Logan are still in our prayers that all will go well.

Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

SANDI....Welcome! I feel honored that you want to read my blog! If you are wondering about the story behind the other children and this in-vitro, please look at July 9th's entry, "Why do we love her?"
Yes, please do comment anytime you want to. I would love it!!

kelly said...

Yay! How exciting. Your blog is great. I just learned that you are a Rozier! I hope and pray that it all works out for Logan and Amy this time, maybe they'll get a few babies!!!

T said...

You are very entertaining. I loved watching Amy talk about her pregnancy with her glowing smile, but I loved listening to YOU even more. You are a very engaging and I love how you love to get right into the conversation and really enjoy each and every thought along with her. You must have been a cheerleader. You are so cute.

Rebecca said...

This is such a sweet video. I can't wait for the ultrasound!