Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Campbell and Elora

And a few miles away, their cousins were getting ready for the first day also.

Macie, Austin, Chandler, Laurynn, and Kylie







Rebecca said...

What cute kids! I love first day of school pictures.

Dad and Susan said...

Talk about a clothing fashion show! Definitely what's "in" on hair styles, accessorizing, latest hip hats--the whole nine yards. How fun. It is such a treat to have you share these with us. Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

I agree...what a great fashion show!! All so cute but different. How old is Austin? He must have tons of girlfriends!

darlene said...

Love the pics! More videos, please. I love hearing your little interviews. Makes me feel like I'm right there.

Jill said...

DARLENE...Thank you for saying you want videos. I actually took one yesterday but it didn't turn out. I am going to both houses tonight, if they will have me, and do it over.

Anonymous said...

All of these kids are so cute. I love all the close. My kids wear uniforms so we don't get the fashion show at our school anymore. You guys need to take all these girls and lock them up until they are 30. They are all so cute and pretty. The boys are so handsome. There will be a lot of broken hearts out there. Good luck to everyone.
Please give my sweet Cami and kiss. She has a special place in my heart.

Mary said...

Wow, I remember when Elora was born and you were still adjusting to her unusually beautiful name. Now she is halfway grown! It just goes too fast, doesn't it?


Jill said...

I agree Mary, Elora is an unusually beautiful name. It fits her perfectly. And yes, sometimes to me she does seem half grown even at 5 1/2!

RMCarter said...

Looks like the first day of school was a success! :)