Saturday, August 30, 2008

Six Unspectacular Quirks

I've been tagged by a dear friend in Colorado. If I understand this correctly, I am suppose to list 6 random unspectacular quirks that I possess. When I asked for Den's input he said, "Only 6?" He's right, I can't disagree with him. I have many. Thankfully he loves me anyway.

Okay, here they are:

1. I have this obsession about someone tripping. No matter where I am, a grocery store, wherever...I have to pick up what could be in the way and either put it aside or back where it belongs. I think I have heard too many stories of elderly people tripping on something small and breaking a hip, or small children slipping and banging their head.

2. Then there is my hotel routine. I always bring baby wipes (not anti-bacterial) to clean down all light switches, door knobs, toilet, sinks, counters, etc. I always bring 2 blankets from home. One to go on top of the bed (after I have taken off the bedspread and put it in the closet) and one blanket to go over us if we should want to take a nap. Oh, and I have to remake the bed. I can't sleep well if the top sheet and blankets do not reach the headboard. So rather than struggle with it, I just remake it. I always (and I do not use the word always lightly) love my husband all the more as he stands right there helping me every time, never complaining. (I don't use the word never lightly either.)

Perhaps odd, but I don't even think of these things when I am visiting in someone's home. I know them, so I don't worry. It's the unknown people I worry about.

3. I will go to a doctor if I am really sick and can't stand it any longer, but I very rarely take the medicine they prescribe. I rarely take anything for pain. Den thinks I have a high pain tolerance. I don't. I just have a very low tolerance to drugs. I once had a friend say to me that they are phobic about taking herbs. I think I am phobic about taking drugs.

4. I absolutely love to experiment in the kitchen. My kids growing up never knew quite what to expect for dinner. I made some of their favorites repeatedly, but other than that, it was usually a surprise. Good thing they were all for the most part, open minded.

5.I don't like watching days come to an end and I will usually think to myself that I would love to live the day over again. Do just about the same things, but just experience it all over again. Of course I can't, but that is what I would like. Unless something really bad happened that day, then no, I just want to get on to the next one.

6. When eating out, I ask not to have lemon put in my water. I love lemon, and I sometimes use it at home, but not in restaurants, not after seeing the video below.

Okay, so there are 6....I could go on but I don't want to break the rules of this game, plus I think I've probably exposed too much of myself as it is.


The Gage Cage said...

Oh man! i love lemon water at restaurants........not anymore. Oh well, I rarely eat out any way.

You are soo loving Jill. I love the worry you have about others tripping.

Dad and Susan said...

Dear Jill,

Very alarming about the lemons. I almost would rather not know about the problem although I never ask for lemons while eating out anyway. I have my Propel packet to add to my water with no ice. Maybe one of my "things" is that I'm boring to have water with no ice.

Your dad and I have been joking about our quirks. Thanks for giving us the idea!

Love, Dad and Susan

T said...

I love hearing people's quirks. Yours are very interesting, and I can see how they fit you. Also, that video was shocking about the lemons. Who would've guessed? GROSS

grandmapeg said...

You forgot to mention that you some times have to change hotel rooms a couple of times :) On the positive side...those are good quirks to have, especially picking up things that might trip someone and about the bedspreads at hotels.

Jill said...

PEGGY...Well like I said, I didn't tell all my quirks. :) I know you still remember carrying our luggage to the next room in that hotel. Or did we change twice that day?

grandmapeg said...

Jill..I'm not sure but I think it was twice. I just remember my arms were tired :)

RMCarter said...

Ugg, I had heard that thing about the lemons and chose to ignore it! I hate the taste of tap water, and the lemon disquises it.

Then, I told myself,"don't watch the video...don't watch the video..." I couldn't resist so I watched it. I guess my nights out with lemon are over. Ah, well, it's for the best right? :)

logan heasley said...

I don't think I will be having a lemon in my water anymore. That was really gross. I loved hearing the six things about you.

Jill said...

Well I guess you could just bring your own lemon that you washed at home. I'm sorry I've ruined lemon water for everyone. :((

Mary said...

Well, you didn't ruin it for me. I guess one of my quirks would be that I refuse to change my lifestyle because of all these health reports on TV. I think of those kids eating garbage in Mexico and living long, healthy lives while anemic American kids are continually wiped down by antibacterial parents (I know you aren't like that, Jill, but I do know people who are). I figure I'll be like the lowly cockroach and still be around after nuclear winter because of all the trash I've ingested!

Lova ya!

darlene said...

Just 6? Come on, Jill, I want to hear all the rest of them! Your quirks are very entertaining!