Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Long ago and far away....
or rather long ago and right here...
we would often have the pleasure of Jenny Pauline in our home.
We love her, we all love her. She was especially close to my oldest son Brock, but she was close to all of us. Jenny would often come over to take a nap here, right on our family room couch. She would eat with us, talk to us, even clean my kitchen, and always, always, get us all laughing.

This is about 1994.
Jenny came over so we could take pictures of her before the prom.
And yes, she went to the prom that year with her brother Robby.
See little Tyler, Logan, and McKay wrapped in a blanket...not sure what that was about.

Well tonight Jenny came back over for dinner and brought her 16 month old son Phoenix!!
We hadn't seen him since last summer when he was a little baby. Now he looks like his Mom and his grandma Dee dee who passed away in 2003. Oh how we all miss her.

Of course none of us knew what the next years would bring.
Here I am with Phoenix's Grandma Dee dee in 1997,
the year after Brock's Dad died.

Phoenix, Jenny, Cami, and Elora
Incredible how the years fly by.
Jenny and Brock use to talk about how it would be
when they both had children.
Well here we are....Jenny's son, and Brock and Erin's daughters.

Phoenix and Elora

The Phoenix and Elora show


Anonymous said...

Jill, Your world is so filled with friends, family, and delightful people. Your recordings of your interesting life are amazing. Your memory is amazing also. And knowing where to find old pictures to share on the blog is also amazing. If I had access to a Thesaurus I could find another word for amazing! Love, Susan and Dad

The Gage Cage said...

I LOVE Jenny Pauline! She is a great hair dresser and an even better person. I can tell she has a great heart and is so to judge others. She obviously loves her little boy and makes sacrifices to give him her best. I'm glad you had her over for dinner. Maybe next time I get my hair done I'll ask her if I can have the same pleasure.

darlene said...

Elora is exceptionally poised for her age. It's such a pleasure to see her on video. Thanks, Jill!

Ammy said...

Oh Jill....I cried when I saw that picture of you and Dee Dee. Two of the most admirable women!!! I have kept all of her little handouts from Relief Society when I was in that ward...I miss her. Jenny is a sweet girl as is all of the Pauline Boys.

Anonymous said...

Elora is so cute. If they ever make a Junie B Jones movie she could be her. I love your blog. I need to come over sometime and you could show me how to do it. I am impressed with your talent.

Lisa said...

This is a beautiful post.

Connie said...

Hi Jill,

You can get PERLER BEAD kits at Michaels Craft Stores.

They have all kinds. They are soft plastic beads that you iron together. (Kenz makes the patterns, Nana irons them.)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.