Friday, August 15, 2008

While we were sleeping

After coming home from Target yesterday morning with Elora, there was a message on my machine from my next door neighbor, Dee. When I called her back, she explained that very late the night before, she and her husband were watching the Olympics. Dee was tired so went to bed about midnight. Her husband Terry wanted to watch the men's gymnastics---so he opted to stay up a little later.

About 1am Terry heard a car drive up, sounding like it was coming from our driveway. He knew that Dennis and I don't usually get home that late (as in never) so he looked out the window. He saw a car parked right by our driveway. He waited for someone to get out of this car, but no one did. That seemed very odd so after waiting a little longer, and still they did not get out of the car, Terry called the police.

After a short wait (Clovis PD is always quick) here comes the police car into our cul-de-sac. Terry watches the police come up to the car window. A very young girl gets out, and an older guy also comes out, both adjusting their clothes, to put it mildly.

So the police call the girl's parents and soon they arrive. The police let the guy go, and the parents take the young girl home, who Terry said looked only about 15. What a foolish little girl.

I am so happy Terry called the police. Obviously it was not someone sitting in that car casing our house. Perhaps that older man was her boyfriend, but even so, her parents now know and hopefully they will be able to redirect her. Perhaps they thought she was spending the night with a girlfriend and she snuck off with this older guy. Or maybe they thought their daughter was home asleep in her bed. Whatever, I feel good that her parents are now involved.

Thanks Terry.


grandmapeg said...

That's what good neighbors are for! We never know what could be going on right in front of our house. It's a good thing that neighbors look out for each other. Maybe next time it could be someone casing your house. And hopefully this girl has learned a valuable lesson.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what a good neighbors. I think it's ironic that the name Terry(i) is synonomous with good neighbor. Love, Susan

The Gage Cage said...

That is one reason why we don't allow sleep overs at our house or other peoples houses. I wish teens better understood the consequences to their choices and the life (blessings) they deny themselves with reckless teen years. I totally agree with you. PARENTS NEED TO KNOW!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for good neighbors!!!!

Anonymous said...

In a way I wish they were casing the joint. This kind of stuff is so sad to hear about. The world is full of people as my 90 year old friends says.