Friday, August 22, 2008

Pictures and dreams of Chris

My sister in law Kim made such a beautiful display of Chris' life for the foyer at his funeral on Monday. She included a biography Chris wrote about his family in elementary school, each member of the family having their own page complete with story and pictures. She took apart this book and framed each page. After the funeral was over she gave us each our framed page. Not only was this so creative for Kim to think of, but very thoughtful.
I didn't include this display table in my earlier post of his funeral because they seemed too small to really see. I had forgotten that you can click each picture and make it larger.

Also, one of Chris' friends sent me an email today telling about a dream he had last night. I have not had a dream about Chris since he died. It will take me a long while I think. After my first husband died it was months later before I had dreams about him. Same when my mother died.

The dream of Chris' friend:

"I don't know if anyone is interested or not, but I thought I would write about a dream I had last night of Chris. It was very pleasant.
Chris and I were in a very large house with long hallways and many rooms. Almost like a hotel, but more like a home. It was like a 1970's split level type home. Chris was totally happy and showing me around. There were relatives in the various rooms playing ping pong, talking, etc. It was a very happy situation. Chris was showing me pictures of his family and telling me stories. He showed me one picture of I think his Dad doing something (I really can't remember) and said "This was the time my family helped me pay off my debts". (I have no idea where this came from. In real life, I never heard of Chris ever tell me anything of this sort). But the overall thing was he was totally happy. He was younger, but not a teenager. That's it. It was a great way to wake up and made me feel so good. I'm not sure if it was my imagination or something else, I'm just saying it made me feel good to see Chris like that and happy. So there it is, for what it's worth."


Mary said...

Hi Jill! I'm happy to find out about your blog, but I'm so sorry that the first one I opened was about your brother's funeral. How did this happen when he's so young? I hope you're family is doing well during this time.

It looks like you have a full life, and there's good news, too. I'll pray for Amy to have a successful pregnancy. Babies are so fun, and I can't wait to have grendchildren of my own!

I will definitely keep in touch by reading your blogs. I'm glad I finally discovered blogging!

Love ya!

Sandi said...

What a GREAT dream! I absolutly think it means something. That's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,

We were so impressed with Kim's creative display also. She did an amazing job of bringing the out-of-doors inside, which is what Chris loved the most I've heard (the out-of-doors). It was especially nice to have the framed pictures to take home also.

Thanks for sharing the dream also. It was a tender mercy for his friend.

Love, Dad and Susan

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful tribute to your brother. The dream was very interesting, I have a few thoughts on it, and I do believe the veil is very thin at times. I hope you and your family will feel some peace and closure now that the service is over. Love Rebecca

Anonymous said...

My name is Michelle. I used to work with Chris at Morongo. I am looking at everything I can regarding Chris. I have been researching online for several days. I am so sorry for your loss. Chris didn't deserve the pain he must have felt to make such a horrific decision. Can you give me any information on your family members whom we can send condolences to? Is his father alive? Do you have other siblings it would be appropriate to send our sympathy on to? Thanks and God Bless.
Michelle (