The Other Side of Suffering

I would give this book 5 stars!

First in 1992 his daughter was killed in a car accident, 
then 4 years later his youngest daughter was murdered in their home on Christmas night....
and for years John and his wife Patsy were under a constant umbrella of suspicion. 
The case drew continual international media attention. 
The police and the media would not leave them alone. 
Then in 2006 he lost his wife Patsy at age 46 to ovarian cancer.

In 1996, I was sort of aware of the Jon Benet murder since I could hear it in the background. 
I had my own murder mystery at the time with my first husband being killed the month before. 
So quite frankly I was tuning out the Ramsey horror back then..

But a few years later, after I was married to Dennis, I decided to read this book:

When I finished Dennis asked me, "Well what do you think? Did they do it?" 
I said I was fairly certain HE had nothing to do with his daughter's murder, 
but I wasn't sure about his wife. 
I read it all but I still did not have a clear opinion about Patsy Ramsey.

So then I went on to read this next book written by 
a detective in the case. 
I found it quite interesting to read his take and try to visualize that, 
after reading the Ramsey's take. Naturally they were polar opposites.
But try as he did, this author was not convincing. 
If anything I was leaning more towards Patsy's innocence after reading the side against her. 
This detective would get off on tangents, like the messiness of Ramsey home. 
He didn't think Patsy kept it as clean as she should have, even though she had a housekeeper.
I think Steve Thomas had some issues of his own. 
For one, he seemed to equate love with a clean house.

So back to the book I started with on this post
John Ramsey did not let tragedy destroy him. 
While he admits he will never "get over" the deaths of his loved ones, 
he's learned how to rise above it. 
He feels his new calling in life is to help others who are hurting.
Incredible. Very spiritually uplifting.
It will make you reflect on what is really important in your life.

And in case you hadn't heard, 
Back in 2008 new DNA evidence surfaced clearing the Ramseys completely.

Before they were cleared, 
did you think the Ramseys were innocent?


Susan Anderson said…
I wasn't at all sure either way. But I guess I was leaning toward their innocence because their grief seemed so genuine to me.

Grandma Honey said…
It was from a comment on your blog Sue that I found this John Ramsey book. Dennis read it also and he loved it as much as I did.
cristie said…
this is an interesting post.

no...i never thought they would or could do such an awful crime. xox
Grandma Honey said…
That's the way I would have leaned too, Cristie...but ever since the Susan Smith horror, I've been doubting my judgement about what people are capable of.
Lisa said…
I'm impressed with your thorough thoughtful reading(s). It reminds me of how innocent people like him, Joseph Smith, Job, the Lord & who knows who else has to go through the unthinkable all while innocent. I appreciate your book reviews a lot! Thank you.