Guess who called me yesterday?

I got to talk to Richie boy!
I think 9 months old is a good age to start practicing phone skills.

Thanks Dad. But I can hold it myself.

No wonder he sounded so assertive....look at him!

Where is Grandma Honey?

Interesting how he just so happened to have his CALL ME bib on!

It is rather gorgeous in Logan, Utah.

So sad I have not seen them since Christmas. 
But we have high hopes for this summer!


Scrapally said…
He's getting so big! What fun pictures of him talking to Grandma! I hope you do get to see them this summer. Grandparenting from across the miles isn't as fun! Believe me, I know!
Karen Mortensen said…
How sweet. What did you talk about? Wish he would call me.
grandmapeg said…
Definitely a handsome little boy and to have so many teeth at just 9months!!
Susan Rozier said…
Love these pictures! Sweet family. Best of times! Dad and Susan
Susan Anderson said…
I love to hear them cooing and gooing over the phone.

Becky Jane said…
Calls to grandma make my day! He is darling and how fun to get pictures of his call to you! I hope you get to see them soon!
Mar~ said…
These photos are so cute! He is the sweetest!
So happy that he is getting to chat with his grandma honey already.