"The New Chick Upstairs"...or Day 4

What an exciting experience for me yesterday seeing my Aunt Wanda.
Grant seemed quite happy about it too!

I have a memory of going to see her in Walla Walla, Washington 
when I was about 6. And I have seen very little of her since then. 
She was married to my Dad's oldest brother, Irving, who passed away about 8 years ago.

 Here's Aunt Wanda back in the 1960s with Uncle Irving and my cousins, Pat and Paula


With all the Rozier cousins on that same day....Richard is front left and I'm right next to him.
 See cousin Pat right in the middle?

We also got to see her today! Along with her husband Bill. with Aunt Wanda in the middle.

We all enjoyed a very yummy lunch in this elegant dining area of Aunt Wanda's residence
where McKenna was called 'My Lady' by the waitress.

The next 4 pictures I love for 2 main reasons. 
They show Aunt Wanda's sweet and happy personality. 
She really is so fun to be with.
And they also show that Grant is finally bonding with me 
because notice who he's looking at!

Thank you, Yolanda, for giving me all the info 
I needed to find Aunt Wanda, Pat and Bill.
Without her help, I would never had known they even lived in Oregon!

Yesterday was just one of those very choice life experiences 
visiting with family I had seen so little in my life 

We discussed all kinds of family topics and here are a few things I learned:

*Just as we pronounce our last name Rozier as Rose-ear, 
they pronounce their last name as Roe-zure
*Pat has a son, Eric, who has similar characteristics as McKay
*Irving LOVED to play golf. Maybe that is where Richard got that trait.
*Irving was very good in math!
He was also good at handling money, very frugal with it.
He use to play the stock market every day, and was his own investor. 
*Pat and Bill have 2 little grandchildren: Willa and Harry
*Pat and Bill's daughter Kate just graduated from law school last week in St Louis
*Her sister Paula has 6 grandchildren.
*Irving was very interested intellectually in his surroundings. 
When they traveled he would often disappear as he'd go exploring new places on his own.
*How Wanda and Irving met: 
Wanda was a secretary at the manufacturing company 
where Irving worked, making tanks for the war.
She said when he heard about "the new chick upstairs" he wanted to meet her.
They went to a New Year's dance and were wed by April
and were married over 60 years!

I took some video of Aunt Wanda but I can't process those till I get home.

But for those who are interested...
I want to end this post with several very older pictures from the Rozier past.

The 3 brothers
Gene, Irving and my Dad

The 3 brothers again, about 1951
Gene, Irving, my Dad

1925 but my Dad was not born til 1930
His Dad Romeo, Irving tall in the back, June, Leonie, Ann

Grandpa Romeo with Irving and June 1923

I don't know the year exactly here but this is my Grandpa Romeo holding his first born, Irving.
The other man is Romeo's brother Clint.

My Mom and Dad are the couple to the far left. All Dad's siblings with their spouses.
In San Francisco about 1951

Same day, about 1951
My Mom first woman on the left, Aunt Wanda right next to her.

Don't you just love Wanda's hat?!
She will be 90 this summer and she says they're having a "big bash!"


Richard said…
We visited the Walla Walla Roziers in 1960. While there we visited a Ralston Purina facility and learned about pea processing. In the evenings Dad and Irv played Cribbage for 10 cents a point. On our way home we stopped in Bend, OR and had pancakes at Uncle John's Pancake House...dad must have won big at the Cribbage table. While in Walla Walla we attended church at the local LDS Ward, Sunday School only. And Aunt Wanda is just as pretty as I remember her!
Grandma Honey said…
Really, you remember all that Richard?? I guess 2 years makes a lot of difference. I was 6 and you were 8 and all I really remember is that we went.
Unknown said…
What wonderful memories!
What a wonderful post. I so enjoyed reading this and seeing your precious Aunt Wanda. We should all have a Aunt Wanda in our lives.
Funny I was just thinking of my Aunt Wanda this morning and how I miss her.
You did a great job of putting all of these pics together.
Hope your well and I am sorry it has been a while since I have visited.
Richard said…
Jill, I was always a little more observant and responsible than you were. As I recall you were at least 9 before Mom trusted you to take Robin, age 5, and Peggy, age 2, alone on a city bus to the downtown Fulton mall.
Grandma Honey said…
Make that 8 Richard. I was 8 when I would take 1 year old Peggy on the bus to the Fulton Mall by myself. I don't ever remember bringing Robin. I think she was too wild.
Susan Anderson said…
That baby knows who loves him!


PS. I LOVE all the pictures from your family history. Thanks.
I love all the old photos! Aunt Wanda looks fabulous! I had never seen the photos that Nonie and I are in. Thanks for sharing all the memories Jill!
Nate and Julie said…
I think that first picture of grandpa as a baby in 1931 looks a lot like my Gracie. now when people ask me who she looks like, I know what to tell them!
Grandma Honey said…
Hi Julie~ I've thought before that Gracie has a very Rozier look about her.
Grandma Honey said…
Kathy~ I'm so glad you saw those pictures. I was going to email you about them once we got home. I don't have my addresses on this laptop. Had you not seen the one in San Francisco also?
Richard said…
I stand corrected. Robin was far too wild to take on a day trip like that. In fact, I think mom used to turn the playpen upside down to keep a lid on her...
grandmapeg said…
Are your old pictures downloaded on your computer or do you take those pictures with you? They are all great! I'm so glad you got to visit with your aunt and your cousin. This really is a dream trip for you! And I absolutely love the pictures of Grant!!!
Pat and Bill Nelson said…
What a wonderful visit. Thank you all for taking the time to find my mother here in Portland. She was so energized and thankful for the time you spent with her. Better, so much better, late than never to catch up with family. The family threads that entwine our lives and remind us of our connections are amazing. Bill and I, too, found the visit at once uplifting and memorable. Many thanks.
Love your blog!
Whitney Jay said…
Jill, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed looking at those pictures, I had never seen any of them. I love your blog so much.
Yolanda said…
So happy you were able to have a good visit with Aunt Wanda, Bill and Pat. There is nothing like being with your family. I hope this is the first of many more visits. Love those old photos, thanks for posting them. You do a fabulous job on your blog!