Saturday, May 5, 2012

The men in my life

I hope Dennis doesn't mind me sharing this here. 
But tonight while we were sitting in church together, 
I noticed his tablet of notes from the Priesthood session of conference last month. 
So I read through them. 

Here's just a tiny excerpt. 
As I read #2, 
I thought, why did he write that one down? He's got it mastered.

This reminds me of what my son Tyler wrote in his blog a few days ago:

"Elder Lynn L. Summerhays, an Area Seventy, visited our stake for stake conference this weekend. The priesthood leadership meeting was Sunday morning, during which Elder Summerhays quoted something interesting. He said that during a recent private training he attended, Elder Neil L. Andersen said, “One of the signs of true conversion is how a man treats his wife.” I like that. It’s a statement that makes me quickly evaluate my own life and want to be a better person."

This all feels very humbling to me.


Anonymous said...

Talk about feeling treasured!

Susan Rozier said...

We love this. Both of those men demonstrate their "religion" by heeding this counsel. Love, Dad and Susan

Sue said...

Those two are great representatives of the priesthood!


grandmapeg said...

I think this thought applies to the wife also and how she should treat her husband!

cristie said...

pretty darned sweet. xox

Rebecca said...

Can you ask Dennis which talk the notes were from? I would like to read it. Thanks!

Becky Jane said...

Don't you wish every woman could be married to such valiant men as ours...

When my parents died, I received my dads temple suit that he wore as a temple worker. In the pocket was a scrap of paper with several notes and scriptures on it. It appeared to be something he'd written down during a temple meeting. That little scrap of paper revealed so much about my dad and what was important to him...I treasure this little piece of paper.