Day 2 of our Oregon trip

We had no idea there was a temple in Medford 
until my brother Richard texted us about it. 
So before leaving that town we found it. 
Right across the street from a barn!
We could hear the roosters and chickens. It was the best. 
Then directly across the street was this gorgeous sacred place.

And look what street it just so happens to be on!

Then we made it the 5 hours to Tigard. 
Most all the way in the rain. 
I won't even put an exclamation mark after that 
because I'm learning rain is just the way of life around here. 
And the odd thing is I have yet to see any one with an umbrella. 
They all seem to take it in stride and just wear hoodies.

And look who we got to see!

Little Grant has grown and changed so much since Christmas,

He is definitely the center of their world.

McKenna does not like fish but she made salmon for us because she knows I love it.
Is that not the sweetest!
I've been blessed with such angel daughters in law.
The flavor was so good and the fish perfectly cooked.
I'm hoping to get her recipe.

She served it with yummy mashed potatoes, made with soy milk, again, because of me.
And fresh green beans.

And this very gorgeous display of berries.
I felt like this plate said, "Welcome to Oregon!"
Seriously the best we've tasted.

It was so fun sitting with them at their table.
I had longed for this moment

And we turned around and this is the view from their window!

McKay has invited us to see where he works, so we will be leaving to do that soon!


Lisa said…
Man this post put the whole Oregon experience complete~What a glorious way to be greeted by Grant with that Big Ol' SMILE!!! Oregon is famed for their berries & fish! ENJOY! The song goes, "It never rains ins Southern California....not Oregon!" LOL
Karen Mortensen said…
Beautiful. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time.
Mary said…
While Jacob was in Eureka, California, for almost 6 months, the Medford Temple was the temple the missionaries in his zone visited several times. He loved it.

Ed was just in Portland, OR, last month for a fishing trip on the Colombia River. He lived there 1999 to 2007 and misses the area and his old friends, but not the constant rain. We spent 4 days there at the end of our honeymoon 2 years ago. So beautifully green!
Scrapally said…
So glad you are getting to have this adventure! And to see your family on "their turf" - it looks beautiful! FYI - Dave's Uncle was the first temple president for the Medford temple...we have yet to visit it, but it's on our "to do" list!
grandmapeg said…
Beautiful!!!! And such a great welcome for you with cute little Grant and that delicious dinner!!!!!! I'm enjoying your trip because I know this really is a dream come true for you!!!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you're gettin' the royal treatment! Have fun!
Susan Rozier said…
We're so happy you're getting to have this exciting experience! Beautiful family, wonderful scenery, and delicious food! We love the updates too. Love Dad and Susan
Rebecca said…
I had no idea there was a temple in Medford!
It is so green and pretty in Oregon...guess we can thank all that rain for that!
Have you had the marionberries yet? They are amazing!!!!
Richard said…
The skin on that salmon looks like it would hurt my fillings ...
nrozier said…
I'm loving these posts! I'm so excited for you to see McKay & his family in their day-to-day life--I know how much you've longed for this moment.

Brian is from Medford, OR so I am especially loving your posts about Oregon. I'm hoping one day we can maybe hitch a ride to see his family when you and Dennis are on your way to visit the Mcs.
Grandma Honey said…
Mary~~ What a beautiful honeymoon that must have been! And I had no idea missionaries from Ca would go to Medford to attend the temple, but I guess it is about 2 hours up the road.

Natalie~~ Hey wouldn't that be the best trip 4 going together!
Meanwhile, next time you are in Clovis, we would love for you and Brian to stay with us.

Richard~~ That wasn't skin you saw. The skin is on the underside.Have you never eaten fish? What you see is a wonderful topping of tomatoes and onions and olive oil.

Rebecca~~ Marionberries? No I don't think I have tried those. I will look for some around here.

Scrapally~ How interesting about Dave's uncle! I wonder what year that was because we are trying to figure out how old that temple is? I'm thinking it was one that Pres Hinckley announced?
Rebecca said…
Marionberries are native to Oregon, it's what they are famous for. Kind of a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry. They are so good!
Susan Anderson said…
It looks wonderful. I'm so excited for them! And for you, getting to be in their home at last.

Miranda said…
Hi Jill!
This is Miranda:) These apartments look exactly like the ones Mark and I lived in when we lived in Tigard. I am also curious what ward McKay and Mckenna are in? Mark's parents attend the Tigard 2nd ward and that is the ward he grew up in. We attended that ward about 10 years ago and those apartments look very familiar:) His parents are currently serving a mission in Finland but will be back in a year. How neat they live there! It is a great area and so beautiful!
Ann said…
Hi Grandma Honey how are you? I am in Portland now. yesterday and today went to Tigard Washington Square shopping :)summer is hot here.. but sunrise at 5am and sunset at 9pm.. totally different for me.. feel like not good to still sleep when sun is up the buttock.. but who care now.. i use blanket close my head and wake up until alarm alert me.. May i know where you bought the berries?