Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Learning a new way to eat at Sweet Tomatoes

Den and I call Sweet Tomatoes the happy place. We often see people we know. Or we see them across the room and talk about them. We often see lots of families together. Babies and small children, even ones I don't know, make me happy.

Plus I like the variety of food. I can just look at something and decide right there if I want it. Not read a menu and try to figure out what it's going to look like.

Several weeks back we met an older man there named Fred. He was very friendly, and ended up sitting with us after he finished his meal. Then last Monday there he was again. I had forgotten his name, but he lit up when Dennis said, "Hi Fred!"

I noticed as he went through the line the cashier girl said to him, "Oh you're here again."
So I do think he comes often.

I had to take a picture of his meal because I'd never seen a person go through the Sweet Tomato line with such an array of dishes. Look at this:

 I was impressed. Here's a man who knows how to make the most of his meal.

Quite different than the boring way Dennis and I do ours.
As I was looking for a place to sit (and Dennis was paying for it), 
I saw Fred going to a table in the corner all by himself so I yelled at him, "hey FRED!" 
I said it a few times but he didn't hear me so we missed our chance to eat with him.

So after we finished we went over to chat. 
I told him I loved his spread of food. 
So organized and balanced. 
He didn't mind at all that I took more pictures.
 He said he likes to come every Monday night 
because that's when they serve the Cr of Mushroom soup. His favorite.
Fred said he lives a mile west of Roeding Park, so that's quite the drive to come here.
He must really like this place.
When we told him we had to leave, he got up to walk us to the door. 
But first he said he had something to tell us.
He leans in and says, "Jill, and Dennis...." (we had just told him our names a few min ago)
He continues, "I have to tell you this. Jill, Dennis 
(then he pauses again, and I'm wondering where we're going with this)
Then here it comes:....."Jill has teeth like my Mom."

He had mentioned that he's 72 so I 'm thinking, okay, so how old is his mom that I have teeth like??
But then he said she died in 1960. Whew. I mean, she couldn't have been that old in 1960, right?
And this was his Mom. 
Whenever someone says you remind them of their Mom, it has to be good.

He said he will be back next Monday and wants us to meet him there. 
I told him we would try. And we will.
He seems like such a kind, gentle soul.
We like him.
I'll report back.


Sue said...

I love that he said you have teeth like his mom. And yes, that DOES have to be good.

(Unless she was a vampire, of course.)


Richard said...

That's one robust appetite for any man, much less a 72 year old!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a great guy.

Dad and Susan said...

Nice to see Fred again. You remember that he was one of your dad's running friends, right? You're so amazing to strike up a friendship with someone you saw previously at the restaurant. You never cease to delight us with your unique insight and take on things. Love, Dad and Susan

Grandma Honey said...

Richard~ He started eating before we did and when we finished that's what he had left. I think he liked the look of his food more than actually eating it.

Susan~ I remember he "knew" Dad, but I wasn't sure Dad knew him? Did he?

Eileen said...

Well, I'm feeling very hungry now! I think I would be loading up my tray just like Fred does, with so many appetizing choices it would be hard to pass anything up!

Fred seems very nice and I'm sure he'd be happy to have some dinner companions, especially when they are a couple as nice as you two are!

Very sweet.

Love and Prayers,

PS ~ 'Love the photos!

Rebecca said...

wow that is a lot of food. I have never been to this restaurant, and there is one close to my house. So do you put your food in little bowls?

Grandma Honey said...

Rebecca~~ We go through the salad line with a plate. But the little bowls are in another area of the restaurant for soup. Fred must walk over to the soup area, grab a bunch of bowls and use those in the salad line. I guess there's no reason he can't. I just hadn't thought of doing that before.

Darlene said...

How fun for you to meet Fred at this very interesting resuarant. I really enjoyed reading about your meeting and talking with him. It looks like you'll be meeting him often on Mondays. This place sounds so good. I wish we had one here in Palm Desert. I love to go to these once in a while. Like a high class cafeteria, right? I love all you can eat places, but unfortunately my body doesn't, so we only go there for a special treat.

I'm looking forward to some more "Fred" stories. I'll be he has a lot of them.