Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally...we are getting new floors!

....since a big part of our laminate needed to be taken out just 2 days before Christmas...

We checked out SIX flooring places.
And I mean, checked them out so much that a few of the places knew us by name.
We would often hear, "Oh you're back." or "The Shelleys are here."

And if I like the flooring once it's in,
I will tell you which company we decided to go with and why.
We have definite reasons why, and we learned a lot.

And we ended up choosing something completely different than I had thought.

Thankfully Saturday morning, while still in her jammies,  
Elora cleaned out and packed nearly all of this wall unit by herself. 
Good thing she believes in "helping the elderly."

Then Den and I got up early this morning and got the house ready for the dust storm.

So far this is all the worker man got completed today. 
Matt is his name and he looked totally wiped out after the tile was gone. 
It was one big, and loud, and dirty job.

It was kind of fun for us because we got to eat here for lunch:
(which we really liked except for the very cheap looking buns our sandwiches were served on)
Anyone else try this new place in Clovis?

And here for dinner:
It's like being on vacation.

And yes we did bring my Dad and Susan with us, 
and we did look for Fred, but he wasn't there. 
Guess we will just have to try again next Monday.

Then we came home and tried to get control of the dust. 
It was so foggy in here as Matt took out the tile 
that we could see it all swirling in the air. Not a good thing.

But what I don't understand is this:

Dennis insisted on dusting the floors. Even though they will all be ripped out tomorrow morning. 
Some things I just don't question. 
Well I did, but it didn't do any good. 
He just said, "I will feel better if I get these floors dusted."

And you want to know something else? 
In the 7 years we have had these floors, 
this is the only time I ever remember Dennis dusting them, 
or even noticing them. 

I still have more quirks than he does.


Anonymous said...

Funny, this is very much like what we are doing today. New carpeting in tomorrow means clearing out bookshelves, removing furniture, touch-up painting.... different work than we are used to. But, it will be worth it! I'll show you my results, if you show me yours!

grandmapeg said...

Wow!! This is a big project but I'm glad it is finally happening. Elora did a great job helping pack things up! I can hardly wait to see the finished project.

Sue said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see the finished product!!


the Rich girl said...

I'm excited to see what kind of floors you guys decided to go with! (Aren't you glad that this process is moving along?)

Dad and Susan said...

Wow! Great job Elora! She's impressive on so many levels. We're happy for you to get this saga into the final chapter. We await the end result pictures. Love, Dad and Susan

P.S. We did go with you last night to Sweet Tomatoes and enjoyed it so much. Thanks for not telling them how much trouble we had getting our seat belts on without Elora.

Eileen said...

This is exciting! I can't wait to see the finished product!

And very sweet of Elora to be such a big help! That really is a big, time-consuming job! And it will be a big job putting it all back together again, but it will be a nice excuse to do some re-arranging too.

I see you have The Madonna of the Streets (I think that's what the print is referred to as), I have a much smaller print and I just love it!

I'm sure you can't wait for this job to be finished, but it is a nice excuse to eat out!

And I had to laugh about Dennis mopping floors so they will be clean when they are ripped out! Tell him he can come and mop our floors any time at all!

And I LOVE that you wrote "I still have more quirks than he does." SO SWEET! True love.
Love and Prayers,

Karen Mortensen said...

Good luck with the new floors. Can't wait to see them. I totally understand about dusting the floors.

Mar~ said...

I'm very excited to see your new floors! I'm sure not nearly as excited as you are at the moment. :)
How sweet of Elora to help you. She is a gem.
She has such a great life; filled with family near to her. She will surely treasure the time with you, your dad and Susan and the rest of your family as she grows and looks back on her life.

Carly said...

Hey Jill
Would you mind if I add a link to your blog on my new blog??
Go to to check it out. (and I already have your blog link on there but can take it off if you want)I'm still learning blogging ettiquete here. :)
thanks!! I love love love your blog.

Darlene said...

That Elora is something else! She is such a good little helper, always. I loved seeing the happy look on her face in the picures!

I also think it was funny that Dennis insisted on dusting the floors! What ever was he thinking? Oh well, if it made him feel better.

I can remember how excited we were when we had our kitchen done over. It did make a huge mess though. My big mistake was putting tile in again, even if it does look like wood. The grout just will not stay clean, even though it was sealed! It looks awful and we just can't get it clean. I guess I will hire someone to come and and do it with the machine to see if that will help. You were so smart to do the laminate.

Grandma Honey said...

Carly~ yes by all means I love that you linked to me! Although I tried the link and it doesn't work. Maybe I did something wrong?

Kris said...

Dad, you crack me up!!! :)