Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to know if someone is good

 "How do you tell if someone is a good person?  How can we know? It is not the clothes they wear. It isn’t if one has a tatoo or not.  Nor how many children they have. Nor their last name or family heritage. Nor the church they belong to. Nor the meetings they attend. Nor how much work they do in the church. Or how busy they are. In fact, doing “holy hurdles” doesn’t make up for the lack of this important qualifier and only makes its absence sorer.  It definitely isn’t how much they profess to be good.  It is so simple, really..."

To read more go HERE. This is one of the best things I have read in a long time.

(To give a little background.... This was written by a Mom whose son nearly died while he was serving a mission in Chile. He was in the hospital for several weeks, and she and her husband came to be with him. I've known of this family since my sons were small, and she is always been quite insightful.)

If you are ever asked to give a talk or lesson on being kind, or charitable, this would be excellent to refer to!


Anonymous said...

I like that. And honestly, I think you are one of those people, Jill.

Eileen said...

Beautiful post, Jill!

And she is one hundred percent right!
Thanks so much for sharing this.
Love and Prayers,

Richard said...

So true!

Sue said...

Thanks for telling us about this. I'm on my way!