Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grant's magical feet !

When our grandson Grant was born last September his cute little feet looked like this...

As adorable as they were, we all wanted him to be able to walk someday, 
so his parents took him to appt after appt to get them fixed.

First the casting, that was changed often....

You can see why they had to change his casting often.
Look how he grew!
(plus the Drs were gradually turning his feet)
What a little chub.

Then the clipping of his tendons. (a hard day for all of them!)
Then the braces that he wore 23 hours a day.
So last Friday Grant had his latest check up at Primary Children's in SLC 
and the Dr said he is doing so well that he calls Grant's feet magical! 

Of course this is very much attributed to his parents' diligence in, 
keeping all Grant's Dr appts at Primary which is an hour from their home,
keeping Grant's braces on him even when he didn't want them, 
exercising this little legs for him,
and doing all they were suppose to. 
For sure, for sure.

So Grant doesn't have to wear the braces anymore during the day.  
Doesn't he look great sitting there with his cousin Matt?

And McKenna now gets to put cute little shoes on his feet. 
Grant will continue to wear the braces at night for the next 3 years, 
or they were told there is a 100% chance his feet will go right back to club. 

It's just amazing what they can do for club feet now. 
Decades ago child would be crippled for life. 
We are so BLESSED!

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Dad and Susan said...

Yes it is amazing! Magical feet? Who wouldn't want to have Magical Feet!!! What a boy! What great parents! What a recorder of the lives and times of Baby Grant! We loved it. Love, Dad and Susan

Karen Mortensen said...

I am so happy for Grant. Glad his feet are all fixed.

Scrapally said...

That is awesome! there is a young first time mom in our ward whose baby (due April 1st) has club feet. I am going to share your blog with her if that is all right. Grant is adorable and his parents are magical too! thank you for sharing!

Eileen said...

Wonderful news! And wonderful parents!

And the information they got is so right, I know a family that felt bad for their baby girl, so they stopped putting the shoes/braces on at night, and while her feet didn't go all the way back to what they were, she does walk with her feet turned inward.

Joy to all!
Love and Prayers,

Grandma Honey said...

Yes Scrapally, please do pass this post on to your friend. And if she wants to talk to McKenna, let me know. She is so sweet...I'm sure she would be happy to talk to her. It's just so amazing what quick progress is made on these little babies.

Eileen~ I've heard it is not unusual for parents to slack off on their treatment. Last week when the McKs were at the Dr they were told about a baby who had to start the casting all over again. It's hard sometimes to find a brace that is comfortable for the baby...but there is one out there the McKs found for Grant.

Sue said...

It's wonderful!


Rebecca said...

What a little cutie!!!! He sure is growing. I am so glad he has such great parents who are so on the ball with his care! I have a good feeling about this boy!!!! So cute!

Darlene said...

They must have been pretty clubbed all right, or he wouldn't have had to wear the ones at night for three more years. It is a small price to pay though for his feet and legs to be perfect. The 100% odds that they would go back is certainly incentive enough for them to keep being to diligent. Grant is such a darling baby and he does look so healthy otherwise. It is amazing what they can do now days for almost everything. We are fortunate to be able to live in an age where such things are available.

Anonymous said...

A modern miracle. Thanks be to God... and to Grant's parents for taking the responsibility seriously.

grandmapeg said...

You're right, it is amazing what doctors can do nowadays. Grant is very blessed to have parents who take his treatments seriously. He is sure a cute little guy!

McKenna Heasley said...

We feel so, so blessed. It really has been a miracle. His feet really do look so amazing and perfect. We love our sweet boy!

Mar~ said...

Grant really is such a doll!
I am so happy that the treatments have gone so well for him.
He does have fabulous parents!

Heidi Garvin said...

Oh, I am just so happy for Grant, McKay, and McKenna! That is wonderful news.

Heather said...

Grant is so adorable, I'm so excited that he only has to wear the brace at night now. And how fun that McKenna can now put cute little baby shoes on him. What a sweetie he is.