Sunday, October 30, 2011

Natalie's Pismo Beach Wedding

How would you feel if you decorated all these pumpkins...
set them all out in front of this old school house (where you were planning to get married)
...and the night before the wedding the pumpkins all disappeared?

What would you have done?

I will tell you what my niece Natalie, the bride, did.
She went looking for them !!
....and found them on display in front of a near by house! I'm serious.
Not sure about the whole story....but something about yelling at the people who took them,
and taking her pumpkins back.

Yep, that's our Natalie.

Natalie and Brian...looking all recovered from the pumpkins
and happily married.

All yesterday in very scenic Pismo Beach, California
So happy Dennis and I got to be there!

Before I show you some of who attended.
Here's a little sampling of the decor.

Love this one of my Dad and Natalie!

The happy parents, my brother Richard with his wife Wendy aka Chickie
Don't you love the color coordination?...perfect!

 I didn't even get to talk to Nat's sister Lindsay, or take any pictures of them, except for this one.
Gard says they are still enjoying Chicago...I did ask him that much.

The ever happy Whitney and Bret

I asked Hailey's little flower girl friend if she was related to Brian.
She said she didn't know.
I did find out her name is then I asked her who her Mom was.
She said, "My mom's name is Sarah Palin."
Uh...what is your mom's name??
"Sarah Palin." 
Obviously I was not hearing right.

My Dad and Susan
   Erin and Brock

Logan and Amy listening to Jason (Hailey's Dad) and my brother Scott

I had one of the best talks with Raven (here between Blaine and Jan Thomas) 
that I hope to continue someday soon, somehow.

I met Susan Park, again...
I had not seen her since she gave Robin her baby shower, for Hailey, back in 2003.
I have thought back on that shower day many times because it was such a happy moment in time.
No one knew on that very blissful and exciting day, the challenges that were coming.

Alex, McKenzie, Hailey working together.

Natalie being her joyful beautiful self with Jill and Mark Thompson

Just right around the corner from the wedding is the gorgeous Pismo Beach.
Even though I've lived in California all my life, 
I really feel like I'm in California when I at the beach.
So happy for you Natalie and Brian!! We loved being with you this weekend.

PS  I have more to say about our hotel experience (you know I always have one), 
and what we saw on the way more, another day.


Sue said...

Can't believe they swiped her pumpkins and then displayed them so shamelessly! Glad she found them, though.

It looks like a really cool wedding. And what a nice sunset to close out the day!


Darlene said...

What an interesting place to have a wedding. It is really quite lovely and the decor was perfect. I got such a kick out of Natalie, such a spunky girl,and good for her!! I just can't imagine anyone stealing those beautifully decorated pumpkins from that lovely looking building. I am so glad she got them back as there was a lot of thought and effort put in those for the whole effect. Loved all your pictures too. Looks like everyone was having a great time! Weddings can be such fun.

The little girls are so cute in their white dresses. I got a kick out of "Sarah Palin's" litle girl. How funny is that?

Altogether, it sounds like the Pismo Beach weekend was a huge success, and I do hope that Natalie and Brian will be very very happy.

Connie said...

It's good she went looking for those pumpkins. The nerve of some people!

Looks like a beautiful event at a beautiful place with some beautiful people.

Anxious to hear about your hotel experience.

cristie said...

that Natalie has spunk and i'm so happy she had a showdown with the culprits! xox

Karen Mortensen said...

Thanks for all your pictures. It was like being there.

Heather said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding! Who steals pumpkins then brazenly displays them at their own house?! That's insane!!! I love the picture of the beach!!!

Dad and Susan said...

Thanks Jill for the blog. It's great to re-visit the fun, fun weekend. Natalie with her bubbly personality is such a delight. We enjoyed being with so many of the family. Loved loved loved it. Love, Dad and Susan