Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conference behind the scenes at our house

How we love Conference Sunday!

Miss Elora was a huge help to us all. 
She entertained, nurtured, soothed, and played with Cami and the twins.

Interesting how they get to a certain age, and they flip from high maintenance to helper.

She kept them entertained and busy as best she could.

The twins however needed many potty breaks.
They don't like to waste time just sitting there. They have already learned to multi-task.

"Do not spit at Mommy."
We did have our moments.

Brock was a tired single Dad for 3 days while Erin was out of town.
He and Cami had been awake since 5am so they finally crashed. 
We missed Logan too since he had to work.  :(

We took the other 3 out for a dog run between sessions. Without a dog.

Jonas watched me make a green smoothie
and then kept repeating to me, "Shake please, shake please." 
He thought I was making a banana shake which he always LOVES.
But when he saw my GREEN smoothie he started saying,
"Brown shake please. Brown shake please." Our boy's not ready to be green.

 Téa can't seem to get enough of her potty chair. 
Amy says she will sit on it at home during an entire movie!
Yep, she fell asleep on it.

We start out using our nice dishes at breakfast 
and by afternoon, I threw a bath towel on the table for the pizzas.
 I think this will be our new Conference lunch tradition. 
I bought 2 'you bake' pizzas on Saturday from Papa Murphy's, 
and then all I needed to do was bake them each for 15 minutes!

 I also cheated on the dessert and bought 2 dozen great bakery cookies the day before.

At the end of our day together, right before Cami left, she went into the playroom one last time.
 and just stared at the aftermath of her day!

 I think Austin and Jonas look more alike every day!
Goodbye Conference. We love you!
See you next April.


Lisa said...

This post & all the pics had me beaming from ear to ear! I thought how the kids are going to giggle when they get older seeing these pics! What GREAT FUN!!!

The kids are so dang GOOD LOOKING! Thanks for sharing! Made my day end with a BIG SMILE.

Karen Mortensen said...

What a fun day. Loved all your comments. It cracked me up about the twins and the potty chairs. Glad you all had a great time.

Sue said...

What a wonderful weekend with the family! And Elora rocks.


PS. Had to laugh at Tea falling asleep on her potty chair. Kinda like Bryce on that lifeguard tower.

Dad and Susan said...

Looks like you had a fun time. The food certainly appealed to us! It's wonderful your home is so geared to keep them entertained. Also, that the grandparents are so geared to be patient and generous. Not only are your grandkids lucky, your kids are too. Love, Dad and Susan

Darlene said...

Really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the family. That Elora is a gem.
What would you have done without her eh?

We thouroughly enjoyed Conference this year too. Every session was exceptional, I thought. I actually hated to see it end.

Bet you did enjoy the pizza. It is so easy to bake. Whenever we get one, Dick always doctors it up with lots of extra goodies. We often have it on Sundays.

Maybe Tea stays too long on her potty chair. Or else, she was just extra tired.... I did get a kick out of the pic though.

grandmapeg said...

I love your new Sunday lunch tradition...nice, simple, but delicious...especially the cookies. I guess if one sits on the pottie chair long enough, sleep naturally follows :-)

Darlene said...

I really do need to learn about spacing, don't I? Sorry.

Kris said...

Oh what a wonderful day!!! The twins and the toilets are cracking me up. I also loved the pic of Brock and Cami all tuckered out!

Brock said...

I don't think Elora was ever high maintenance, she has always been incredible during conference.

Grandma Honey said...

I agree Brock! Elora has always been incredible, and very obedient, I just meant going from a baby/toddler to being one of the care givers. Of course there were a few years in between that, but it all flew by to me!

Holly Decker said...

thank you so much for posting this... it made me feel NORMAL! i never ever feel normal. just capturing the everyday moments made me feel like i am going through similar things as other parents... thanks again :)