Sunday, October 9, 2011

Watch Grant get his casts on

Our newest grandson, Grant McKay, will get his 4th set of casts on tomorrow for his little adorable club feet.
This video was taken about 2 weeks ago when he was getting casts #2 on.
He is a MONTH OLD today! Last I heard he weighs 8lbs, 8oz.

Oh, and the music you hear is what his parents play for him often....Andante by Mozart.
Taken at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.


Karen Mortensen said...

What a trooper. He is so cute.

Becky Jane said...

This is definitely harder on the parents than the baby!!! Yikes, that saw makes me nervous just watching it!

Anonymous said...

That was really interesting. I hope they video the progress. So grateful to have people who know how to correct this when he's so young. By the time he can walk, it'll be all fixed, I bet! What a blessing!

Dad and Susan said...

Oh oh oh my. Saws and baby's leg should not be in the same vicinity. Guess I should have turned the sound off! Bless McKay and McKenna--It must be hard for them, but they seem like pros already. What a miracle they can fix this so easily. Grant is a DOLL! Love, Dad and Susan

Sue said...

Looks like he is coming right along!


PS. He is adorable, by the way...

grandmapeg said...

Grant is such a handsome little guy! This is quite an interesting process to watch. thanks for sharing.

Mar~ said...

I have to admit, I teared up watching this. He is such a very sweet baby, very precious. His parents are so sweet too. While I was watching the saw, I kept thinking to myself "He is at Primary Children's and that is the best place to be, they know what they are doing..."
So grateful that this sweet little guy is getting the help he needs.
He really is absolutely darling.

cristie said...

modern medicine...such a marvel. xox

Eileen said...

Such a good baby!

I was making the same face that McKenna was making when I saw that saw against Grant's little leg!
And it was so beautiful to see her comforting him. There's nothing harder than seeing your little one in any kind of discomfort. Not only is Grant a trooper but so are his Mommy and Daddy!

'Can't wait until all is well and this is a distant memory for them.

I read back on the posts I've missed here and I saw that the comment I left on your 'Conference behind the scenes at home' post didn't take. 'Loved reading all about it and seeing the family photos and keeping up with what's going on!

And thank you for the 'Courageous' movie trailer, I'd love to see that film!

I loved seeing the newspaper clipping! I too can't believe how life is flying by, and I agree so much with some of the sentiments on that subject as Steve Jobs.

We'll be leaving tomorrow for our trip but I wanted to get here and catch up on what I've missed. Ray is bringing his laptop with him, so I'm going to try and visit a little bit in the evenings (if I'm not too wiped out).
"See" you soon!
Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting that video together Mom. Thanks to everyone else for all the nice comments. Grant is doing great. This last cast change was a breeze for him. Next time they plan to clip his Achilles tendons and set his feet in place. That should be interesting.


Connie said...

Oh my goodness! He is such a darling baby!! That was interesting to see what is done to correct club feet.

I can't believe he slept through the beginning of the cast removal! What a good baby!

Donna said...

oh my goodness that was awful!! Love to your wonderful children and more love to Grant