Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lemonade stands and wedding registries

Dennis and I made a rule when we got married
that we would always stop and try to buy whatever little kids were selling.
Especially we stop for lemonade stands.
Then as soon as we drive out of their sight,
we stop the car and pour the lemonade out in the street.

Unless we are related to the sellers. Like yesterday.

The girls did all the art work (including older sister Kylie who is not in the picture). Impressive huh?

I think my rule of buying from little people may have something to do with this:

Logan and Brock in 1983
What goes around comes around, right?

I just used that saucepan today to boil eggs.
If people registered for wedding gifts back in the day (which we didn't),
I never would have registered for that pan.
I had no idea I would be using it at least weekly for 37 years!
I even remember who gave it to me:  my sister-in-law Wendy's parents.


cristie said...

darling post and sturdy dependable saucepan. xox

Richard said...

And Wendy's mother used that pan for 37 years before passing it on to you!

Dad and Susan said...

Cute cute cute. Time marches on. History repeats itself. Etc. Loved the pictures old and new. Love, Dad and Susan

Becky Jane said...

So sweet! We stop too! Our little neighbors have a sale of some sort on a regular basis! Sometimes they're selling rocks or old toys...we love it!

Your pot will probably go down in history...lol

Sue said...

I have old standbys from my wedding presents, too. Like my rice cooker, for instance. Almost 40 years old!

Pretty crazy.


PS. How cute of you guys to always buy the things kids are selling, by carefully considered design. Love it.

Karen Mortensen said...

Love this post. Adds some cheer to my day.

Rebecca said...

This makes me laugh because I always stop and buy the lemonade too, and then when I drive around the corner, dump it out! The kids always seem to get so excited that someone is actually stopping. Such a cute picture! I think Jake still would like to set up a stand and sell things!

grandmapeg said...

I'm still using some of my wedding gifts too...35 1/2 years later. I remember when lemonade sold for 5 cents a cup. That dates me!!! I hope they made a lot of money!