Friday, October 29, 2010

For the Rich and Lonely

Apparently this is true.
Mrs. Sun told us all about this in our retirement class last night. I had never heard of such a thing and it sounds so sad to me.

For people who live alone, particularly elderly people I suppose, they can sign up to have a TELE CAREGIVER for about $600-1000. a month.  This is where a person is always watching them, whenever they want, through SKYPE.  So apparently the lonely person carries their laptop room to room, having this companion all day or night. There are centers all throughout the world so there is always a live person to talk to. (As Mrs. Sun mentioned, Australia is having daytime when we are asleep, so perhaps during the night you would have an Australian friend. )

These lonely people actually bring their little laptop to the table when they are eating, so this live person on SKYPE is always there, ready to talk to them. I realize this is a way to provide companionship to those who have none, and can afford this....however, it sounds like such a fake companionship.

How sad to think there are elderly people, living all alone, who spend their last years on earth with their laptop "friend."

I wish I knew someone who lives this way. I'd be their friend. Not on SKYPE though.


Susan Rozier said...

If it fills a need for them--why not?

My friend left her cozy, manageable home for a "not-that-nice-retirement-home" so she could have HUMAN CONTACT after her husband died. She was lucky she could afford and arrange that.

I'm sure many are worse off than these people. At least they have the wits to be pro-active. There are many, many who just waste away with no choices.

We are so blessed to have family and church to support us, but even then, there are still very lonely days for those living alone with no transportation or way to serve to get the contact they desire.

The "constant" part is the scary part. Maybe they've lost short term memory and don't know how to be alone.

My musings....

Love, Susan

Grandma Honey said...

I guess you are right, Susan...if it feels a need. But what could that person on that laptop do for her? What if she is feeling weak and just wants someone to bring her a glass of water? On the other hand, I think it would be interesting each day to see who is on your laptop this time. I wouldn't mind talking to someone from Australia.

Sue said...

Better than nothing, for sure, but it's so sad that people find themselves in that situation.

I would be their friend, too!


Lisa said...

Jill...that picture is ridiculously sad! If you find someone like that, include me in your endeavors! I know my mom is lonely & it sucks (for lack of a better word).

A friend of hers bought her a computer just for that purpose, only he wanted her to connect with her family (all in Japan). She refuses to go near or touch the pc for fear of getting her hand blown up! I know that sounds silly, but she has her reasons. LOL

I really love hearing about what you learn in that class so I"m glad you post stuff. I'm just surprised there's not more!