Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't forget The Nate Show on Wednesday!

 Dennis' twin daughters will be on The Nate Berkus show this Wednesday.

 See them on the advertisement HERE!

While I'm at it, here's the update of Robbie's broken leg. 
(Robbie is Kim's youngest son, in case you are new here.)
Looks like his cousins are taking good care of him!

 And a few more New York pictures.

If you don't know what time The Nate Show is on in your area GO HERE.

The video below tells a little about them, plus I really really like the 30 second craft at the end.


Sue said...

i won't forget!


PS. Hope that leg mends soon. It's so hard to have a broken leg when you're a kid!

grandmapeg said...

I love the platter idea and the stacked platter is great. Maybe it was the chocolate covered strawberries that made it look so fun! I've got it marked on my calendar for tomorrow!

Karen Mortensen said...

This is all so awesome.

Can't believe how good Robbie is taking all of this. He is so cute.

Dad and Susan said...

It's not fun having a broken leg, but having a wheel chair sounds fun! Especially with all the cousins pushing it, pulling it, riding on it, and waiting for the patient to get out so they can use it themselves! Loved the eclectic blog! Love, Dad and Susan

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I can't wait to see them on the Nate Berkus show. I'll have to tape it so I don't miss it.

Scrapally said...

I set me DVR so I can watch it when I get home from work. Can't wait to see it! What fun and talented girls...I could have some serious fun with them!!!

Sharon said...

Wow! I will need to record this! How exciting.

Anonymous said...

Toledo Ohio has let me down!!! The converter box signal is non-existent probably due to the terrific high winds we are experiencing. I will tune into Lansing Michigan in an hour as their signal is currently 100%. Can't wait to see these beautiful talented young women!! For that 'just in case' will anyone have a taped copy for those of us who may not be able to view?

Anonymous said...

In the Mary Poppins photo, is Kris on the left end?