Thursday, January 7, 2010

The racing babies

About 2 weeks ago, Den and I took care of the twins while their parents went out to dinner. No crying this time. No separation anxiety. Since we were in their own home, the babies probably just thought their parents were in the next room.

Here is a short clip of a race they had. They have perfected their army crawl and now they can go all over the house. Amy says they will head down the hallway together!

I have to tell you about Miss Téa's mishap!

Téa is at the stage where she will pull herself to a standing position in her crib but then doesn't know how to get back down. So 2 nights ago Amy was having a very busy evening caring for 2 additional kids plus her own. It came time to put the babies to bed for the night.

About 20 minutes later she realized she had forgotten to turn on the intercom. She immediately did and heard Téa wailing. So Amy went right into the babies' room and saw the poor little thing standing there holding on to the crib rail. She figured she was probably "calling" to her to come help her get down for 20 minutes!

Amy said she nearly cried when she saw her baby, picked her up, and right then and there Téa fell asleep in her arms. From sheer exhaustion. Amy says Téa hasn't tried it since. :(To me, she looks like Kylie in this picture.
I knew that before she was born from the ultrasound!


Dad and Susan said...

Ohmigoodness! This is absolutely darling!!! We got such a kick out of it. Our entertainment for today, for sure. Love, Dad and Susan

Mary said...

That baby race was too cute for words!

By the way, you're very welcome for the idea. I'm glad your first priceline experience was so great. Except for the dive we got in Tucumcari, NM, last July, we've always gotten excellent hotels. If you choose a 3-star hotel or better, you'll always get something great, but even when I've been desperate enough to take a 2- or 2 1/2-star hotel, I've still always been happy with the facility and the location. The only real downsides are that you you can't get a refund once they accept your offer (unless you get the cancellation insurance) AND you can't choose your specific hotel. But we always get an amazing price, and the kids and I kind of like the roulette feeling as we wait to see which hotel accepts our offer. We've experienced a lot of cool hotels we'd never have stayed at otherwise.

grandmapeg said...

Seeing this race with the twins has gotten my day off to a great start :-) They are so cute and I imagine that they are spoiled with entertainment and love and hugs from those older brothers and sisters. I'm sure Amy must have felt bad knowing Téa was crying for her to get her out of that fix. It reminds me of the time when Nick was a baby and somehow got the heat vent off of the floor and decided to put his legs down inside. He was caught there for a few minutes crying for me to rescue him. The video clip is great! Thanks for sharing!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

This is so cute. Do I see Olympic Medals in their future?

Ammy said...

I love how the other kids play with them. That is too cute...I had to watch it a 2nd time...sweet little puddin's (the older kids too!)

darlene said...

That's an interesting crawl. And they are exactly the same!

Jill said...

Didn't your boys crawl like that Darlene? All of mine did. Maybe it's a genetic thing.

Natalie said...

So cute, by boys loved watching the little race. Their siblings are so cute with them, what sweet little grandchildren you have! I love the end when she gets right on top of him=) Sad little story, though I've had my share of similar experiences. She's a darling little girl and it sounds like she has a great mom.

Eileen said...

I loved the baby race! And I love how they crawl exactly the same way! So cute!
And hearing everyone cheer them on and encourage them was wonderful too!

I can imagine how Amy must have felt thinking of Tea crying for twenty minutes! Poor Tea! Poor Amy!

Loved the video, Jill!
Loved Tea's picture too!
Thanks for sharing.
All the best,

Eileen said...

Oh, Jill, we must have been reading/commenting on each other's blogs at the same time!
I just want you to know how much I appreciate all your visits, your kind comments to me, and your support. And I want you to know what a Blessing your blog always is to me each time I visit here.
So uplifting. No matter how down I feel, I always feel better here, it's like a little haven from all the bad.
Thank you!
All the best,

Sue said...

That is one of the most entertaining videos ever! And what darling babies!!


Designs on 47th Street said...

Oh goodness! How adorable this race is. They are just too cute for words!

thanks for stopping by for a visit today. Oh yes, you could definitely omit the cheese. I hardly put any in since I didn't have a block of it. It would taste just as good. Let me know if you try it.


Rebecca said...

This is so cute!

Kris said...

My kids all crawled like that as well! So, so cute to have this on video! Oh they are absolutely adorable.