Monday, January 25, 2010

Update report from doctor's wife in Haiti

I have a video to share soon of my 7 year old granddaughter with her pleas for Haiti. She asked that I film her and even though she was in her pajamas, she is very sincere.  
For now, for those who are interested, here is an update of the LDS doctor in Haiti doing all he can.  It's humbling to read.  And like some of you have mentioned, it helps to know exactly what to pray for.  

"January 23, 2010
Dear Friends and Family,
Yesterday was another busy day for Mark and the team.
General comments from him:
"Today is a day beyond words."
"I have never seen so many dead limbs in my life. This will become a country filled with amputees."
"Rehabilitation specialists and plastic surgeons are going to be in dire need in the coming months."
"Sepsis (bacterial infection) is setting in with many of the injured."
"The entire country was riddled with earthquakes."
Mark started the day at the church medical clinic in Port au Prince. The young woman with the lateral gash on her forehead was feverish from the 3rd degree burns on her foot & ankle in addition. So he loaded her up and took her to a Choa (?) center that had been set up by the airport and used as a triage center for the injured. But it was basically gone when he arrived- only a few tents and no staff. It seems like some of the tent facilities come and go depending on staffing and need. So then he took her to another tent facility and they were willing to take her and give her 24 hour coverage as in a hospital. 
Many of the team then gathered supplies and headed south to another LDS chapel in an area that was hit by the earthquake but hadn't had much medical attention. They got there and continued to see infected wounds and burns. 
After about 30 minutes, they heard noise out in front of the church and saw a man and his brother and his son who had just showed up. It was one of those images that Mark said he'll never forget. The man and his brother were carrying the man's son in a chair mounted on 2 sticks. Mark said it was the kind you see in pictures of Cleopatra or some royal person being carried through the crowds, except this was just two simple sticks and a broken chair all roped/wired together for this young 9 year old boy. The trio had been traveling for 2 days down from the mountains and because of the boy's injuries, this was the only way to get the boy out of the mountains. The boy's mother had been killed in the earthquake and this was the family's only child. They had stopped at various towns/villages as they made their way down the mountain but there wasn't any medical help along the way, just more devastation. So they were happy to know that there were medical personnel in this community. The boy's arm was basically crushed and dead. Mark said that the hand had turned black and was like jello. The boy had a fever of about 103-104 degrees and only had a few more hours to live before infection would take over his entire body. So they found a pick up and rushed him to the University Hospital where his arm was amputated up to the shoulder. They are hopeful that he will survive. Mark has heard that the people in the mountains don't have much to begin with and it is an area that has been turned upside down like Port au Prince but with much less medical and media attention.
A US medical student from Fort Worth has been working on and off with the team. During one of his last days, he went on his own to an orphanage out in the country. There was a building but due to its instability, all of the kids were outside in the yard, many of them injured. He fell in love with a little girl there and wanted to adopt her on the spot. But he was told that he will need to go home, get a background check and health/home approval, fill out the proper papers and come back in a couple of weeks. So unless you have adoption papers in process, it sounds like most of the children still need to be adopted through some governmental channel. And that's probably for the best because there could be a possibility of these children falling into the sex/labor trade channels if future homes are not approved and verified. So for all of you that asked if Mark could bring home a baby, I don't think it will work....
He thanks everyone for their words of support and encouragement. He said the devastation is immense but there are many rescue and medical teams from all over trying their best to make a difference. He also said the Haitians are a loving and kind people who are grateful for what is being done.



Lisa said...

Nothing but soabering thoughts for those in Haiti.
The ending paragraph sums up the power of humanitarian efforts in such a time as this.

Mary said...

It is such a great tragedy, but something was said in church yesterday that made me realize this is also a time of great blessing for the people of Haiti. I know the Lord is pouring His Spirit upon those who are suffering, and their country is both surrounded by heavenly angels and filled with earthly angels inspired to go and serve their fellow man. I believe many amazing stories of faith and miracles will come out of this tragic beginning, and the ever-widening ripples will affect all of us deeply. As I always say, Heavenly Father is the master multi-tasker!

Eileen said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Jill. I just saw a special that said the same thing this doctor said about most of the efforts being put forth in Port au Prince, they said our military too are doing a wonderful job of organizing, and handing out, and protecting, but it is all concentrated in one area. There is so much devastation all over the country as this good doctor has seen first-hand.
Many Blessings on all these volunteers and thank God for medical personnel that is willing to give such much-needed help. I pray there is an out-pouring of aid to these people.

Luke and Nat said...

Wow, I loved getting this info as sad as it is...I've been wondering how the people the church has been sending over are coping and managing...and how the ward building and resources are being used. It is a huge effort here in UT for supplies and drives...thanks for sharing and keep them coming if you would. The official website just posted an official letter by the 1st presidency asking for's interesting, you should ck it out! :)

Richard said...

Elora has a future in broadcast journalism...