Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a Dad

 Logan and Macie

Logan has great memories of going to 6th grade camp with his own Dad many moons ago.

So of course he wanted to do all he could to take Chandler this year, as he did Austin a few years back. 
Grandpa with Chandler
This year, however, the rules have changed.  Parents can no longer just go free as chaperons.  They have to pay just like the kids. 

So they figured out he and Chandler needed to sell 700 candy bars to earn their way to camp.  Logan got all the kids involved and spent 4 different days with them sitting outside grocery stores.  One of his sisters didn't want to sell them and Logan told her, "You will be blessed for doing this.  When you want to go to camp, you will have your brothers and sisters helping you sell the candy bars."
Laurynn and Macie

Den and I were just about to start eating dinner one night, when we learned they were selling the candy at Savemart, which is just down the street from us.  I told Den, and he said in typical Dennis style,  "Let's Go!"

I stuffed my pockets with the 20 candy bars we bought.
And we don't even eat chocolate, or candy.
Such is the life of grandparents.

So far they have sold 550 candy bars, with just 150 to go!

The way time flies, soon these babies will be selling candy bars so they can go to camp!

If I get the courage, tomorrow I will tell about something that happened the night before my oldest son attended 6th grade camp back in 1988.


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Wow! I am impressed with everybody. Logan is awesome. I love the way he is teaching the kids. Wish we had more parents like that out there. Good for you for buying 20. I would have only bought 1 or 2 because I really don't eat it either. I guess you could give them as gifts to people.
I hope you get the courage to tell us what happened with Brock.

Eileen said...

Oh, my goodness, 700 candy bars! I can't imagine! What a great family to all pull together!
And kudos to the daughter that didn't want to do it but is sacrificing anyway!

And they are well on their way to reaching the goal!

Jayden just got his World's Finest today, but so far we only took two boxes and we'll see how that goes.

Great post and you look wonderful with those babies on your lap!

And please get up your courage because now you have my curiosity up!
All the best,

Lisa said...

That's an incredible turn around on those candy bars! I'd like some AND I EAT them! What time are they going to be at Save Mart tomorrow? Or should I call them to reserve some bars? Lemmeknow.

Jill said...

Well Logan is working back to back shifts all this week, so I'm not sure when they will get back there to sell the rest. But Lisa, I have 6 candy bars left and I will give them to you on Sunday, okay? I've been trying to find homes for all of them!

Eileen...funny how you are across the US yet Jayden is selling the same candy!

Mary said...

Get up that courage, because I'm waiting with bated breath to hear "the rest of the story!"

Anonymous said...

I feel like "What a Dad" needs some kind of punctuation

Kris said...

I loved this post! I smiled throughout the entire reading. Way to go Logan for teaching such a good lesson to the kids. Will you take mail orders???? We'd be happy to help finish off a few! :)

Susan Rozier said...

Do the bars have nuts in them? Your dad is off sweets, but I'm not if you're looking for homes for them.

Kudos to Logan!

Love, Susan

darlene said...

Love it!

Natalie said...

What a great dad. I love that picture of you with the twins=) They are so darn cute. I saw a little girl in the mother's lounge who looked so familiar to me. After racking my brain for a minute I realized she looked just like Tea (I don't know how to make the "e" right). On the off chance that it was her I asked the baby's name. It was Aubrey. Ah, well...You're such a great grandma and I love how Dennis is so willing to run on over to the grocery store at a minutes notice. So sweet.

And speaking of sweet, you should do a blog giveaway with the candy bars, that's my vote=)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, inspirational event. I also love your photo with Jonas and Tea. So, so precious.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BROCK, I thought of you yesterday.
Do I know the 1988 camp story?! I probably have the letter around here someplace. Anyway, I did not know that you do not eat chocolate, WHY?

pjc in MI

Jill said...

I'm allergic to swells the glands in my I don't eat it.

Jill said...

Oh and Pam, thank you for remembering Brock's birthday yesterday! One of the highlights to me, was Erin calling to thank me for giving birth to him!!

Rebecca said...

This is funny. I just wonder how much candy bars will be selling for when the twins go to camp?

grandmapeg said...

Logan is a great father to do all of this. I remember those "candy bar days" from when the boys were in little league baseball and had to sell them. Those were fun days.

Richard said...

6th Grade camp at Sonora reminds of the year Wendy went with Robins class but ended up the chaperon on an all boy bus. The dads who knew better just let her do it and learn for herself that it would be a long, hot, loud, smelly trip...she never complained about birthing just girls again.

Sue said...

Tell it. Be brave!


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

And what's this about you not eating chocolate? I wish I'd inherited that gene! I work for chocolate, l.ol. Great photos. You look so cute holding your twin grandbabies! You guys are terrific grandparents. You wouldn't have had to twist my are to buy all that chocolate!

Mar~ said...

Did they reach their goal? I would be happy to contribute!
Let me know, I could send a check. And you could keep the candy bars, share them with friends, grandkids or leave them on someone's doorstep.
Let me know!

Valerie said...

That's a LOT of candy bars. I'm glad they've sold so many already. So great that they're working together. Too bad they don't live near me cuz I DO like chocolate. :)