Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ashley's reception

If your picture is not here, it's not because I don't love you enough. It's probably because you look better in person than in my pictures.

Wow, what a gorgeous cake!
Mr. and Mrs. Nef
No, this picture just does not do my niece Carly justice, but she is always a good sport and was trying so hard to cooperate with me.

My niece Julie, and Clara.
Julie is even prettier than this picture shows but I so rarely get to see her since they live in Denver now. And this is the first time I've seen Clara in person. She's a little doll baby.
I guess I'm focusing on nieces because next comes Whitney with Bret. I worried about them last night since they drove all the way home to SF after the reception.
(btw, doesn't Bret look like Nate Berkus?)
Two of my sisters in law, Kim and Suzanne.
Oh, and I had to include this since I've never seen one of these at a wedding before. It was the "Children's Room." Set up just for them, complete with coloring books, crayons and stickers.. What a great idea!
I think one of the friends helping with the reception apparently had a hot flash because they opened the door just behind the cake. So this led to a brisk breeze going down the center of the room. I noticed that guests were beginning to vacate this area trying to avoid the cold.

So I stepped behind the cake, and went outside to close the door. While out there I heard all these little voices. Then I realized some of the children had escaped from the Children's Room. It was COLD and DARK outside plus there was a beautiful tempting pond and fountain.

I couldn't even see who was out there, or where they were exactly. I heard someone say, "Go tell Robin" but I didn't want to bother the mother of the bride. So I told Davey, Ashley's 14 year old brother.

He said, "I'll take care of it." but his voice was not Davey's voice. It was so much lower. When did that happen?? He spoke with such authority. He rounded up all the kids, got them inside and told them all to stay inside. With his new voice, I'm certain they listened to him.
Hooray for Davey!!


grandmapeg said...

Jill, you did a great job with the pictures and it looks like everybody cooperated with you :-) The idea of a 'children's room' is great!! I've never seen that done before. The cake is absolutely beautiful and the newlyweds look so cute! Thanks for sharing.

Dad and Susan said...

We echo exactly what grandmapeg said above. Great job with pictures. Fun to see the children's room you described to us. We both were in awe of the beauty of the cake, and are so happy to see in caught on camera. Yes, Jill, and thank you for sharing. You enhance our enjoyment of the occassion by letting us peruse your pictures of it. Love, Dad and Susan

darlene said...

What an absolutely beautiful bride's dress!

Jill said...

I thought so too Darlene!

Sue said...

What a good-looking family you have. And the bride is just as beautiful as the groom is handsome!

Even better is the fact that you kindly refrain from putting unflattering pictures on your blog. Some of me have gone up on Facebook before that are truly hideous!

Finally, I love the story about Davey and the kids. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.


Eileen said...

Jill, I was here earlier this morning and I tried to comment but I got booted off your blog! It's been happening to me a lot lately when I try to comment. I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something?!

Anyway, I loved all your pictures, this is a beautiful post and you did a great job!
I love the idea of a Childrens Room! That's wonderful, but I'm with you, I don't like the idea that they were outside unsupervised in the dark and the cold! Very good of Davey to take charge! And I'm so happy to hear that the kids listened to him!

I loved meeting more of your family!

And Bride ~ Groom ~ Wedding Cake ~ Family ~ all so precious!
Wonderful post!

And thank you for your kind comments to me. Situations haven't changed here, but I am feeling better and more positive, thank you!
All the best to you,

Jill said...

I should explain that the Children's room was right next to where we all were...There was nothing in there to get hurt on, just that table and chairs. There were adults continually in and out of that room. Somehow though they got out the door!

Natalie said...

That dress is so beautiful. When I got married I borrowed one that was 2 sizes too big. I didn't care. But if I had it to do over (which I never will, don't worry), I would probably track down that very dress. So lovely. What a pretty reception!

Mary said...

Beautiful photos, cake, dress, bride, groom, family...!

What I've started doing when shooting pics at events is saying, "This may be for my blog, do you want to approve it?" About half glance at it and say, "Fine," and others ask for 2 or 3 shots so they can pick their favorite. It takes a bit more time but it's usually fun (like they're the celebrities and I'm the paparazzi) and I end up with pictures I know they won't be unhappy with.

Don't you love receptions? I do!

Anonymous said...

I must point out that Lauren and Brooke made the Bridal bouquet after watching a you tube video...
I think they did a wonderful job!

Jill said...

Wow, Robin I had no idea. I saw it and was impressed, not knowing they made it.

lindsay lark said...

Once again, living in UT can really be the pits. I HATE missing out on these family events!!! Thanks so much for posting the pictures so I can live vicariously through everyone- I heard the whole day was absolutely beautiful.

Rebecca said...

wow, that is a big cake

Brock said...

I think that Lauren and Brooke having a budding business... pardon the pun! I am really impressed!

Lisa said...

There's nothing like a family gathering! Especially yours. It's beautiful, big and full and your niece has exceptional taste. Lovely gown, lovely wedding and reception.

I sure missed alot being so preoccupied with my parents. I got a lot of catching up to do and I will call you soon. Thanks for your cards, emails and comments on mine & Jac's blog. You're truly amazing and wonderful.