Thursday, January 29, 2009

3D Ultrasound of the twins

I got to see my twin grandbabies today.
Take a look.

First we have the boy. He has very full lips. Either he was pouting in this picture of his bottom lip is extra full. Either way, I think he is adorable.

And here is our little girl. I can really see Amy's daughter Kylie in her....can you?

Here's a little reminder of what Kylie looked like when she was a bit younger.
Can you see the resemblance?
She looks a lot like Amy.
The babies are both head down and snuggled up against each other. But like Logan said today, "What choice do they have?"

They will be born wanting lots of body contact. Now if they can just both stay head down, Amy will have a chance at avoiding a c-section, which is what she prefers. She has even invited me to be at the birth!

It was a great morning. Thanks to Lynn, a very sweet lady Logan works with, we were able to see our babies today. She volunteered to pay for it! I wanted to take her picture to put on my blog but she did not want that.

Very interesting morning even looking around the office before Amy's ultrasound.
Here are some pictures I saw on their office walls.

Don't know who this baby is, but what a great idea for a photo.
Or maybe this takes special talent, I'm not sure.

Other 3D and 4D pictures of other babies they have done.Some interesting shots of other babies. Thank you again Lynn,
for making it possible for us to see the babies today.
Thank you Amy and Logan for inviting me.
I could hardly sleep last night.
This is a day I will never forget.

What a nice way to celebrate Logan's Dad's 60th birthday,
which would have been today.


Mitzi Sandman said...


I'm sorry to post this here but couldn't see another way to reach you. I'm an old friend of Chris' and we'd lost contact quite a few years ago. I googled him today-- I'm sobbing and am so torn up to learn he committed suicide. We met when we both worked in Alaska at Denali and although we're very different in so many ways (faith, lifestyle, views of so many things, etc) we had this incredible, wonderful friendship--totally platonic and totally unexpected. Our friendship continued past Alaska--he visited me in Portland, and we met up a couple of times in San Francisco and I knew we went to Thailand, but that's about it. I've tried to find him occasionally over the years and never did until now. Oh, I don't even know what to say, but I do want to know more. My heart is broken.

Can you email me or call me? Thank you.

Mitzi 503-299-8913

Kris said...

OH WHAT A THRILL!!!! Isn't technology just amazing? I'm glad to hear it was such a happy day.

Mitzi said...

Just realized I left an incorrect phone number. It is: 503-292-8913

Also wanted to comment on your twin grandbabies-how beautiful. I have boy/girl twins who are 4 and, while a lot of work (!), they are a joy indeed. It's wonderful you are able to see them in the womb!

Lisa said...

How NEAT! It's so amazing and so wonderful to be able to really see them in there! Logan's funny.

Great day!

grandmapeg said...

How exciting to see these pictures! Modern technology is great!! What a day this is for all of your family!

darlene said...

That's quite a coincidence that Dennis was born three days before your first husband, in the same year even!

Jill said...

I agree was quite the coincidence, especially considering I am over 5 years younger than both of them.

darlene said...

So the doctor is actually going to let them try for a natural birth if the babies stay head down? That's extraordinary! And very commendable! (As a childbirth teacher, I'm applauding.) The doc must be very experienced and competent.

Dad and Susan said...

Completely amazing. Is this a special place that does ultra sound pictures that you can actually see the babies is such detail? Or is it just the regular place in a doctor's office and they've made great strides? I've never been able to "read" ultra sounds I've seen of my grandkids. Just looks like a big blur to me. Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

Well that's what they told her, but they also said for both to have their head down in the right position would be rare, so we'll just have to wait and see. I would sure love to see Amy avoid surgery if she could. She is going to the same Dr I went to with McKay and Tyler and he was the most progressive dr at the time...the only one who had midwives back then.He really listens to the moms. When I was in labor with Tyler, I thought the midwife was too tired so I told Dr. Peters and he sent her home and called in another one for me.

Anonymous said...

Love this post. How wonderful to see what they will look like. But really was there any question that they would be darling. Good luck Amy. Hope all goes well.

Rebecca said...

Absolutely amazing!

Kathy said...

Just seven years ago when Amanda had an ultrasound with Franklin I can honestly say I had to look really hard to tell what was what. The advance in technology is amazing, and aren't they both just adorable?!

kelly said...

They are beautiful! Thanks for not making us wait.

Brock said...

Glad to see the kids are healthy and doing fine. However, am I the only one who saw the wall of fetus pictures and the sign that reads "No Personal Checks Accepted. Sorry" and thought someone was selling babies?

Anonymous said...

Love your comment Brock. You have a great sense of humor. I saw that sign too but didn't make the connection. Very funny.

Kim said...

Those are the most amazing pictures!! Glad to hear that everything is going so well!


Amy Nielson said...

Those pictures turned out really well. How exciting! :) Hope they can stay head down for Amy's sake.

Chris and Cortney Walker said...

So funny and such a small world, My mom saw Dr Peters also when she was pregnant with all four of her children and had midwifes also She said the same thing he really listens to the mother! Now I am seeing the midwife that delivered me! Kinda neat I didnt even know he was still delivering!I am glad you got to see the babies! Its such a neat thing that we have that ability!

Jill said...

So Cortney, What is your midwife's name? Renee? Mary Ellen? Diane? ...and there was at least 2 more but I can't remember their names...

The Gage Cage said...

If she is delivering at sister had Renee as a mid wife and loved her. I was pretty impressed with Renee too when I was with Gwen as she delivered. Those pics are so cool! They didn't even have that when I was having babies three years ago. Technology is seriously awesome!