McKay McKay

I've always liked saying his name twice. I said it so much like this when he was little that he really thought his name was McKay McKay.

And NO, it's not his birthday.

Look what he can do. He's the one in the white shirt. The other guy tried to get McKay to dress goofy too, but he refused. Good, McKay, I like you in your white shirt.


First time I saw this, a few days ago, I was so excited to see him again! Oh, I miss him! I wish I could get Tyler to send me a video too (hint hint). But I get to see Tyler and his girlfriend at Thanksgiving so I can take my own video!!

I don't know who the other guy is, McKay hardly knows him either.
Look for McKay's wink at the beginning.
If you don't want to be patient, just go to 1:10 into it, and then you will see McKay's main performance.

I guess if McKay's math career does not work out, he could always do this on a street corner somewhere...


Rebecca said…
wow, I'm impressed. He is multi-talented! Where did he learn to do that??
darlene said…
My sons all had serious stints with learning juggling. It's so fun to do! (From what I hear) Great eye-hand coordination. It's probably good for the brain too. McKay looks like he has a real flair for it.
Dad and Susan said…
Talk about an impressive skill. These guys could WOW nieces and nephews not to mention their own kids. How fun to have McKay in a family talent show! Love, Dad and Susan
Lisa said…
Wow Wee!!! That was the best 4 minutes of the day! I feel so happy and enthusiastic after seeing that and the music..WOW!

Daniel came by as I watching this and he said, "I used to go to the Drama Room JUST to SEE MCKAY juggle! Such talent, McKay, McKay has! It should be his birthday because NOW i feel like CELEBRATING! Yee Haw!
grandmapeg said…
I think McKay should try to get on America's Got Talent! I'm always impressed with his juggling!
Kris said…
McKay is so dang cute! I'll never forget the time he came to Logan with Dad for Jacob's baby blessing. There was snow on the ground and we asked him if he could juggle the snowballs. It was hilarious! I can't wait to show my kids this video- they are going to love it!
Jan said…
I love a good juggler. It has always impressed me. He is no exception. I think this kid has America's Got Talent on his mind.

Way to throw.
Anonymous said…
Wow! How did they do that? Do you think they could come and perform for my 2nd graders?
Mckay is so talented. It is amazing to watch him juggle. Is there anything your not good at Mckay? Very impressive!